Friday, May 09, 2008

Secret Wars in Sweden, Malmo

WOW, This was one of the best battle nights in Secret Wars history to date.... Starring Teck 1, Jimi Crayon and Reeps 1 - Our main scandi man "Daniel Wakeham" had organised a mammoth event...SWEDEN vs. ENGLAND - The night was a huge success and has set up opportunities for a full blown Scandinavian Secret Wars competition.

We had a funny first day as we flew into Copenhagen and went straight onto live radio for a 2 hour interview...We then woke up the following morning and found ourselves on page 2 of the local newspaper (Punkt SE). Swedish TV was also conquered with Daniel repping the SW colours..

Malmo is one sick city and is easily one of my new favourite cities - it feels like London mixed with the grit of Berlin..There is so much energy around the city, and the Swedish have the word "Style" locked down.

The SW battle was held illegally on a huge warehouse rooftop - with over 600 people in attendance, I did not think I would live to see another day (roof falling through)...But lucky for us it was cool! only one person fell through all night! ;)

Scandinavia is one area with some super raw talent - And I feel there will be some serious artists coming out of this new Secret Wars region...Watch this space!

Big up to Marcus, Daniel, Johan, Sonny and Dick for all there help - without you this would not have happened..

Below you will see our journey in photo sequence: enjoy;)

The SW jet

Jimi looking really worried - he is scared of heights!
London in sunny May
Malmo in sunny May
The SW team on live radio!
Teck in full pose - Blue steel
The Westwood pose
Reeps vibrating the Swedish airwaves
Gangster pose
Teck x Reeps 1 ice cream wall
The Reebok shot
Loving the Kid Robot x New Era hat
Longshot of wall in central Malmo
Teck and Jimi customising pillar in Impala store Malmo
Finished results - Swedish pillar (closest), English in the background...
Getting our munch on - Jimi looks really excited
Planning the battle piece
The set up
Jimi doing his Yoga before performing
The great wall of Malmo
The shop, bar and BBQ (Marcus, Daniel, ?)
The artists - English team (Teck, Jimi Crayon) + Swedish team (Finsta, LEOLYXXX)
First outlines
Rooftop views
Birdseye views
Final seconds
One of the respected judges
Teck, Daniel and Jimi
Photos by Monorex & Sonny Johansson


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