Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reeps 1 x Ecko - NYC

Just packing the tour bags once again as we are off to NYC for a special Reeps 1 show @ the Marc Ecko NBA court office!

Will try and blog while away but if not stay tuned next week as we are off to Sweden to battle them at Secret Wars...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't Sleep Tour 07' - Milan



Monorex x M.A.S.K

This is no joke - When I created Monorex just under 5 years ago, I imagined a business structure like M.A.S.K....Where we could call on certain characters within the team to complete each project brief - depending on their individual skills / style would determine who got commissioned for each job! Simple...



Secret Wars European Championships 08' - Reebok x Daydream Network

An in-house video with comments from Reebok on the Secret Wars battles in Barcelona...

This is a glowing Reference for everybody that got involved!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Designers Block Milan

Designers Block invited us to join them in Italy at the open-air public swimming pool, Piscina Argelati, for the madness that is Milan Design Week. Camping on site with, cold showers, free beer, pizza and loads of big white boards to draw on, how could we refuse.
From the start this was destined to be one of the rowdiest Secret Wars Battle ever.
Jimi Crayon and Jeba had 3 days of non timed drawing, building up a huge battle piece, leaving 2 white boards to be completed during a 90min battle on the Saturday night.
A twist on the normal battle format. Reeps One supplied beats and rallied the crowd, then with edding weapons loaded with ink the battle commenced.
Jeba battled hard with some messed up cheese monsters and spaghetti demons, while jimi’s tooled up, pooping pigeon flew into action. Both created some fantastic artwork, it looked very close, no one was sure who would win?
With 90 mins up, the crowd then went mental as Reeps spat out some mo beats and sounds,
(I'm sure he is an android or sumin like that, he isn't human). Then the crowd vote.
First result in was jimi, decibel reading 124. Then jeba, decibel reading 121.
So there it was, jimi crayon, Secret Wars + designers block, milano champion 2008.
Special thanks go to Andy edding UK, Piers, Rory, Gunter, Clifford, Erics, bear, Toby and all the other lovely peeps that we met at Designers Block.
No thanks go out to the tea leaves that smashed the hire car window to steal our stuff and the milano police who couldn’t police a bloody kids birthday party.
till next time, Ian.

The great space at the Piscina Argelati Milano.
Jimi & Jeba soak up some Italian sun.Happy Camping with free pizza from PiersWhat no wall...?
ahhhh there it is...edding weapons
Mushrooms anyone?Jimi, rabbits, meatballs and pasta.
Jeba and the cheese monster.
Reeps had a little scribble up, crazy style.
Jeba's wall ready for the final battle.
Jimi's wall ready for the battle.
you wanner mess wid us...?
The pool fills for the battle.
Reeps one's view of the battle wall.
thanks to ERICS for this lovely chap.
Jeba's battle...
Jimi's pooping all over the place... Champion ;)

Thierry Henry x Teck 1 - Tee Shirt

Reebok and Thierry Henry asked Teck 1 to design a "one off" tee for a Dazed and Confused photo shoot....The brief was to mix Teck 1 x football x energy with a Secret Wars palette...

These were the results!

Dazed and Confused out now

Virgin Radio Block Party - Dubai...Starring Teck 1, Mr K and Stika

Monorex were invited out for a Virgin Radio launch party in Dubai - it was a swift stealth trip as we only had one night there (two full days) we decided on making the most of it and not really sleeping too much.

We saw quite a lot of the city driving around in the car - it was an amazing place that adds a building to its portfolio every month or so....But the whole place feels a bit of a ghost town, even walking around large shopping malls we seemed to be the only people in the area??

But once 9pm came around on the Friday - the peeps came out of hiding, as Virgin laid on one HUGE party with free booze and food for invite press and selected people only! As usual we destroyed the bar and the guys mad some headlines with their live artwork..Straight after the party we were on a 5am flight home :(

Nearly got arrested at the airport trying to smuggle 40+ spray cans through - lots of Dubai muscle men shouting at me as if I was a terrorist! But after 2 hours of delagation proving we were on business and these were my tools - they allowed me to join the team and fly home...phew

It all felt like a bit of a dream it went so fast....Slept most of Saturday and Sunday!

Guys having a quick smoke @ Heathrow before setting off on a long journey...

Touch screen on the Etihad flight

Trademark posers

Teck taking flicks while Steve Irwin (Mr K) wrestles with the gators

Check Stika's tattoo on back of leg

Team Monorex repping in Dubai!

Kicking off the Block Party!

Sick building, sick shot...

The stash of paint we got through customs :)

Live tattoo artist - illegal in Dubai! Gangster...

Virgin Radio launch party...

Teck signals for peace...

Mr K creating his world of characters

The crowd shot

Stika looks really happy with himself..


Mr K and his entourage of ladies!

Mr K's finished piece

Teck and Ben

Thanks to Simone for getting us involved

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Format x Wolf & Pack Love..

A couple of articles Julian from Wolf & Pack (Amsterdam) dropped recently....Thanks dude and see you soon for that long awaited rematch with the dutch :)

The Monorex x Secret Wars interview

Relentless report

Amazing Japanese Ping Pong!

Simple but very unique special effects...Japanese TV at it's finest!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hip Hop Connection Secret Wars Feature...

Another day and another feature...Go buy the lastest issue that is all about Hip Hop in the 90's!

Thanks to Chloe McCloskey and Andy from Hip Hop Connection...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Southampton Final Gustav Vs Reeps 1

Its taken some time, but here’s the report on the first Southampton Secret Wars Final. Gustav Vs Reeps 1!!

Originally when setting the dates, I didn’t take into account that the huge Southampton student population would be away because of the long, long Easter break. It wasn’t until the actual day of setting up that I realised it was a bit of a ghost town. I actually saw some tumbleweed roll passed the Soul Cellar. Needless to say the toilet and I became great, close friends as nerves began to take over me.

All was set and ready to go, I was adamant it wasn’t going to be busy. Everywhere else was dead, Zombified…extinct! I wish I could say it was down to luck, or thanks to a number of prayers made whilst on the toilet. But the truth of the matter is Secret Wars has developed a huge following resulting in a packed out venue. Students had come all the way back especially for this and artists from previous stages turned up to see who would be crowned winner. Would it be Gustav who reached the final through SU1 and Zadok or would it be Reeps 1 who debuted his edding fighting skills in the Southampton Wars??

Nobody can say there was one clear favourite, each artist had to battle hard knowing that if the judges came up with a draw, their fate would lie with an even crowd shout. Of course C-Monts was in control of the flow, again displaying why he’s such a favourite with the Secret Wars camp. Mr Muffle and DJ R-Kid kept the tempo going as it seemed pretty even on the boards.

After the 90 min and after a few extra seconds to mop up the sweat (We at Secret Wars believe in Health and Safety) the judges were announced. Mary Allen (Manager of Addict, Brighton and illustrator) and of course Seeds from Birmingham’s Secret Wars. The first vote rested with Mary – GUSTAV!!! The second vote went to…wait for it…..REEPS 1!!!

This meant the controversial clap-o-meter had to come out. However I can honestly say despite Gustav being on home turf, Reeps had impressed and captured the hearts of the audience throughout the tournament….awww, it’s like a Disney moment. So this wasn’t going to be an easy victory for anyone.

C-Monts built up the tension, tighter than Jackie Stallone’s face-lift! The first cheers were for Reeps – a high score. The second bout of cheers for Gustav were a little bit higher, meaning Gustav was crowned the Southampton Secret Wars winner!!

This had been a great start to which will lead onto Series 2. We’d like to thank everyone that followed it and supported what we were doing and a big shout out to the all the guys from Birmingham that came down, to our sponsors, to the guys at Soul cellar who let us get paint on their lovely floor, Lloyd for making the set up and cooking me food when I got hungry, Terry for coming up with the idea and of course to ME!

Until the next series…. ciao for now


Seeds gets the crowd going!!!