Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mono Brow x Courvoisier

Well well...what a week it has been! Our latest adventure involved us teaming up with Courvoisier to throw a pop up group show as part of the brands 2 week Revolutionary Spirit Festival. Fittingly tilted "Mono Brow" artists- Alfa, Disco Teck, Stika, Chu, Wen, Mr Guaky, Jimi Crayon, and a special appearance by Mr K were given just under 48 hours to transform The Future Gallery into an off the cuff display of art. A sleep over or two and some some seriously annoying problems with a broken lift pod didn't stop the guys from hitting home some amazing work.

To celebrate the Courvoisier Revolutionary Spirit, Monorex turning 6 and just the general end of two days work, we held a bit of a viewing party for 100 guests. AND celebrate we did! After all everyone could indulge in some seriously tasty cocktails courtesy of Courvoisier throughout the night.

Thank you to all that came to view Mono Brow - Fun times were definitely held!

Lastly a big hug & kiss to everyone at Courvoisier for know who you are.

(Photos kindly provided by Natalie Sternberg)


The Mono Brow Crew enjoying the gifts...

Mr A. Miss E. and Mr T.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nike Exposure Custom Trainers!

Candy Lo & Miss Led were invited to spend the day at an all female event held in London to customise a whole load of brand new Nike Trainers for female journalists! They each spent 15 minutes with the journalists to come up with their designs..these are the results!
[Photographs kindly provided by Exposure]

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mono Brow Exhibition @ The Future Gallery London

A showcasing of 7 artists from the Monorex agency books.

Monday 19th July to Thursday 22nd July

Courvoisier presents.....MONO BROW by Monorex

"Courvoisier’s Future Gallery, a secret oasis of space tucked away in the busy streets of central London, opens its doors throughout July to Revolutionary Spirit 2010. Bustling with activity, these fully interactive events offer the chance to experience the latest innovation and development from the front line of business enterprise, the arts, interactive technology, health and pleasure".

As part of this two- week summer festival of revolutionary events, Monorex will be teaming up with Courvoisier to present MONO BROW @ THE FUTURE GALLERY.

For further information and opening times please visit

Thursday, July 08, 2010

DiscoTeck x Alfa x Volkswagen Camper!

Disco and Alfa were recently invited over to Sweden to battle in Secret Wars at the Peace and Love festival....

Along the way they met some good people and were asked to paint a few things... Below was one of many of those things! Pow