Friday, August 29, 2008

Secret Wars x Reebok Tee - Designed by Teck 1

Check this recent collaboration out with Reebok!

Teck 1 x Secret Wars x Reebok

This was originally designed for our staff and artists for the most recent BBB, but after this event we had strong interest from many of you peeps out there...So we decided to sell the spare 20 we had in stock!

If any one wants one in either a Large or XL than email - with your details

There are 2 variations - Black print on white tee / White print on black tee

Both designs have the SW & Reebok logo on back of neck

Price = £20
Hurry as we only have 10 left!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cop yourself an Edding "Special Marker"...

The lovely guys @ edding UK have been so kind to produce our battle pens for the last 3 years - These pens are called the "special markers" and are hand made for SW only (not for retail)...

But after recieving lots of email and feedback at events, they have decided to test the market and sell a small batch of 32...The price = £8 (inc postage) or £7 from a London Secret Wars event.

They are juicy and fresh! if you want one please get in touch below ASAP as I am certain they will fly off the shelf.

All orders will be posted to your door.

To buy a pen email -

Secret Wars (London) - Reeps beats Jeba!

Another huge weekend for us boys @ Monorex / Secret Wars HQ - Not only did we have to set up and drop a huge battle @ the V&A, but a day after on the Saturday we went straight to Juno for the London series duel between Reeps 1 and Jeba.....

45 Mins left....

These two are the youngest participants in this years competition, but that does not make a slight difference as they both ooze in raw artistic talent. It was always going to be a close draw as Reeps is a crowd favourite due to his multi talented skills (beatboxing, chess and graff), while Jeba has really stepped up this year and evolved into a promising young battle artist....These guys both know how to battle!

As usual the Juno bar was rammed with people eager to see the next installment of Secret Wars, we had a little change up on the soundsystem with Session being replaced by Henry Rumour and Jimi Crayon replacing Reeps as the host.

Reeps 1



See you at the next battle (Hicks vs. Chent) - 6th September @ Juno

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last Friday we were invited by the V&A to host a Secret Wars battle / exhibition explaining the journey and evolution of this exciting and very unique concept.

This show was to run alongside the V&A "Fashion V Sport" (

Below are some images of the two days it took to set-up and the messy action packed party that followed...

The battle featured two teams - Jimi Crayon & Mr K vs. Teck 1 & Inkie

They went head to head for 90 mins and the eventual winner was decided by the crowd - who chose the right side of the wall (Inkie & Teck)...Congrats guys! you boys smashed it up with your casino inspired piece.

Photos by Phil Gabriel & Monorex

Monday, August 11, 2008

Secret Wars London Report - MR K vs. SUMIT SARKAR

On Saturday Mr.K beat Sumit Sarkar for a place in the Quarter Finals against Stika - A tight battle where again both judges were split on a decision.

A full report to follow...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Southampton Secret Wars Battle Royale

Like the opening event for the World Cup or Olympics, we decided to try something different. Sadly both Charlotte Church and Reeps were fully booked, so we had to make do without the national anthem.

There were two teams on the night. Team A and Team B. On Team A, led by defending Champion Gustav, we had Vents and Mr RoRo. On team B captained by Dirty 30, we had SU 1 and E.T.

Music wise, Mr Muffle and R-Kid decided to play a really filthy set. When I say filthy I mean bacteria infested, virus spreading filthy!!! I had to have 6 showers and a skin peel, down to my bones before I felt clean again. The crowd were feeling the tunes and the art work as both teams worked hard to out do eachother and after 90 min the first battle came to an end.

We decided to leave the judges out for this and left the decision down to the crowd. The calpometer, came out from its long slumber to help pin-point who had won....the winners were....TEAM B. Well done Dirty 30, SU1 and E.T.

One last note...because Southampton is a town dependant on the student community, we've decided to push the first battle back to Thursday 25th September. Despite being the most original night to hit Southampton, there just doesn't seem to be enough people around. So put the date in the diary. Artists and battle dates will be announced soon.

Secret Wars x V&A

Monorex / Secret Wars have been invited to be part of the new exhibition Fashion Vs. Sport - That has just started at the V&A museum and documents the history and cultural trends within this ever growing community.

On the 22nd August we will be hosting a Secret Wars battle night and showcasing a small exhibition about the history of Secret Wars...Private viewing and only the first 100 will get in! So get there early...

Artists featuring: Teck 1, Mr K, Jimi Crayon, Inkie, Alfa and Stika.

Sound system: Patchwork Pirates, Session and Reeps 1!

Gonna be a banger of a night!

6pm doors open

And from the 23rd August to the 25th August we will be operating a small Monorex "pop up shop"....Selling select limited products and original canvases by Teck 1, Jimi Crayon etc...Once they gone, they are gone forever!

Maybe see you there!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Secret Wars Series 3 every 2 weeks @ Juno

London Series 3

1st Round @ Juno (134-135 Shoreditch High St)

Sumit Sarkar Vs. Mr K - 9th August

Reeps One Vs. Jeba - 23rd August

Chent Vs. Hicks - 6th September

Conzo Vs. Mike China - 20th September

Wen Vs. Mr Penfold - 4th October

Drunk Park Vs. Jason Atomic - 18th October

Elfin Vs. Tizer - 1st November


Friday, August 01, 2008

Secret Wars London - Series 3 Report - Stika beats Jimi Crayon..

At last Secret Wars London is back.....After 4 months travelling the World and battling tribes from many cultures, the Secret Wars team is back home @ Juno!

Wary of whether we would still pull a crowd - our nerves were put to rest around 9pm when the bar packed out in usual SW fashion....With Jimi and Stika revved to go, we got Reeps on the mic to do the 10 sec countdown.....

The atmosphere was electric and Stika had an army of fans scattered within the crowd! Jimi created a Sika kebab while Stika did a "Not to do list".....Two very different styles that got everyone talking!

After much hype and talk the judges and crowd spoke - The first judge (Nash Money) went for Jimi, and then the crowd controversially went for Stika.....So 1-1 with just one more judge to vote (Bayo, owner of Juno Bar) - He went Stika! With a small section of boo's and the Stika crowd celebrating the first Secret Wars battle was complete....

See you all @ the next battle - August 9th @ Juno

Big up to Andy @ edding pens for the constant supply of juicy special markers!


Monorex's new mascots....

Down on Monorex Island we have invested in two new members - Two colourful characters who have a bright and very long career ahead of them (on average 80+ years)....Meet Hamilton and Lotus!

These guys will be running things from the Isle, while the rest of us crack on with things in London and Europe.....

Check back for more progress shots on these two new artists....