Saturday, May 03, 2008


Delta flight 6 took off from Heathrow with the captain blasting through the intercom the music from the movie top gun.

It then landed 7 hours later with the late great Frank Sinatra and New York, New York.

Whatever next, a finger print scan to enter the country just like you see in the movies?

We had come to the big apple as Marc Ecko had been so blown away by Reeps One in Switzerland that he invited him and monorex to a party.

What a party it Turned out to be…

TV Celebrities, cool catz n dawgs, Rappers, models, press, a bloke in a basket ball team, some strippers and some storm troopers they all filled up Marc's Manhattan office. We even had some city mob members in the form of Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri and Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri, from The Sopranos.

None of them new what was in store, but after supping on drinks, chitty chat and the like, marc introduced Reeps who then surprised them all. They truly went mad for the beats and sounds, some open mouthed others shouting for more. He obliged with a dirty second set that really messed with their heads.

The night was good,the party went wild, Reeps One was in New York.

Terry, Gabs, Reeps and myself had a great time and meet a lot of friendly folk during our stay, thanks to you all.

Marc & Allison, Laurie, David and all we meet at Ecko.
Jerry - the host with the most in Brooklyn, Abdullah the driver, the bar staff, the pizza guys, Kidrobot, the crazy drunk dude with the cigars,Nobody, prince, 2esae and all the other artists.

more glitzy pics here...

Patrick McMullan Company

till next time, Ian.

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