Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monorex know how to lay on a party...

We held a small "invite only" paint party down at Monorex HQ last Saturday - It was meant to be ATG vs. Monorex but for various reasons we decided on inviting 10 artists to all jump on and battle it out in the LDN sunshine...Artists included Elmo, Teck 1, Cable St, Alfa, Reeps 1, Stika, Tan, CHU, Town, Mr K!

Big up to all that came and drunk our beer...Also watch out for a small feature of this event dropping on Channel 4's website next month.

Trains before we started
CHU planning his attack
Crowds enjoying the rays and FREE BBQ and BOOZE (Thanks to Tiger beer, Suso and Relentless)
ATG getting up...
Gabriella on some SUSO action
Teck leading the way
T slightly worse for ware :)
Courtyard vibes
The drinks stash
CHU adding the final touches
Some sick ladies Reebok FreestylesAlfa and Reeps in action

Session and Martyn looking serious on the BBQ
Our views from the trains
Stika rocking the "Don't Sleep Tour" tee
Probly's contribution
Teck 1
Long shot of runway
Video of Reeps by Sickmansick.co.uk


TanOne said...

Was a good day Trizzle, Thanks!! Now put a link to my blog on here....

Kyle Brown said...

some sick work woulda been nice to seen it live...

Elijah said...

heavy work guys