Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Monorex Site....V.3

Hello People

We have just launched the new version of the Monorex web site - The site is still very simple in it's design but much more intelligent in the background...New features include:
  • External artist portfolios = Meaning each artist is in control of what you see in their section
  • Interactive quoting system
  • Lots of exciting and super fresh artists added to the Monorex familia - We welcome some old school legends (Chu, Inkie) and a handful of rising stars (Mr K, Stika, Phil Blake)...+ a host of international artists who are joining our new offices Worldwide (Switzerland, Australia)

The new site shows just how big the Monorex network is right now - as we expand Worldwide to rival some of the biggest art collectives / agencies.

The site still has a little more of work to be added - but please do check it out and email us some feedback.. (Then click on logo to enter)

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