Friday, August 26, 2011


Celebrating the 7th year of Monorex, we decided to drop an intimate party for friends and fam + launch a shiny new website ready to take on the world...

Over the last couple of years we have matured and evolved into a whole new type of creative beast, those that have followed us for a while will have noted our changes with close interest.

2011/12 is a very very exciting year - Because we are finally entering the U.S and Canadian markets for real and putting feelers out in to Asia and beyond.

We have invested time and money into new fresh and completely separate projects also - with these set to go live early 2012... A few passion projects that had been bubbling have finally become reality and will only add to our armour moving forward.

See you all on the other side!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Back from New York and it's time to hit another Swedish festival!

Way Out West boasts Prince, Kanye West, Robyn, Pulp and Santigold among others in their impressive line up this year..
..and SECRET WARS of course!!

We got a juicy 2 vs. 2 battle for all the art lovers at the Lagerhuset club stage on friday night!

>> Facebook Event <<

Graffiti maestro turned successful fine artist PIKE teams up with rapper and comic book artist SIMON GĂ„RDENFORS..
..aaaaaand in the other corner we have the most experienced secret warrior outside of the UK, PISTOLINA together with CAMILLA EKLUND, undefeated for three years and maybe the main reason Team Malmö blazed their group in last year's Euro League.

have a good feelin' bout this one...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secret Wars hits OSLO this weekend!

Back in the late 8th century Norwegian Vikings invaded a little green island in the Atlantic ocean..
And then they did it again ..and again ..and again ..and again ..and it wasn't until 300 years later that they stopped being so naughty!?
Well it's been a long time coming but now it's finally PAYBACK TIME!!

The fighting Irish are coming to town looking for revenge..

Old School Secret Wars Rules all the way.
Team Oslo: Sinnsykshit + Mr. Miedo
Team Dublin: Danleo + Mick Minogue
Facebook event here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Little Something

Helloooo I'm here so regular music will be back for you soon. So here is a little something to get you ready. Mr Mayor Hawthorne makes some pretty dope music, it's pretty soulful stuff. He just brought out a free ep which covers some of his favourite tracks as usual I'm gonna keep this short.

Take a listen to it HERE
Download it HERE


Monday, June 06, 2011

Paint For Japan

Pete Fowler x Best Ever wall (Village Underground)

Monorex decided months ago to do something creative for the Japanese quake disaster - We had already been involved in a few design poster comps etc but wanted to do an eye catching event curated by ourselves and a few friends..... Along came "Paint for Japan", a creation in collaboration with the famous Matsuri / Holic crew.

The aim was to put on a multi faced interactive event that offered art to buy, food & drink and a host of cool artists and djs... We asked a few of our high profile friends to get involved like Pete Fowler, Reeps One and Eliza Doolittle to come down and perform at the Secret Wars part of the event. VNA magazine and others also set up and sold product on little stalls all in the name of Japan.

All in all it was a very fun night and we went on to raise around 4k for Japan and the rebuild of its wonderful country! Big thanks to everyone involved including Casio, Red Bull & Courvoisier


Check the tasty cake pops below... Baked by Big Mama's Cake Pops!

Hicks and co in action

Tasty Courvoisier punch drinks

Monorex silent auction - everything sold and we raised around 2k on this alone!

Our cute and talented friend Eliza

Secret Wars battle - Team England (left) vs Team Japan (right)

Starring Pete Fowler, Hicks and more

Reeps One killing it as usual

The Japanese went on to win and the boys were ecstatic...

London HQ studio move... Shoreditch >> Clapton

Last week was a very busy and strange week all round - Not only did we have the Paint for Japan event to organise, but we also moved studio the day after! Mad planning I know...

It was a long day of mixed emotions, feeling sad we were leaving the very location that has helped shape Monorex and Secret Wars what it is today. But after 5 years in this area, the time felt right to move on and embark on a new adventure... Hello Clapton

As most Shoreditch locals know, the area is becoming less and less cool, with drunk herds, tacky bars and glass giants rapidly moving in... Shoreditch has finally evolved from a once little village into an extension of the West end. For these reasons and also for us to keep up with the young creative circles, moving deeper East into a larger space felt right.

Our new space is an old toy factory and is hidden peacefully near the canal - We have 1500 sqft to play with and space to grow... The team has already tripled in size and the future looks very bright.

2011/2012 will be a very interesting and exciting period for Monorex, as we slowly grow on a global scale.. Watch this space!

StreetFest 2011

Had fun last week down at StreetFest - Secret Wars featured alongside a wicked line up of artists and musicians.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Streetfest 2011 - 29th May

Following three successful years, and with a rep to contend with, STREETFEST is back on Sunday 29th May with a one-day urban powered extravaganza!

Purveyors and supporters of urban culture in the UK, Streetfest uniquely combines a kaleidoscope of interactive entertainment through
music, live performance art, film, fashion and sports all under one roof.

This year, Streetfest will be hosting a very special Secret Wars event, pitching Monorex against Bristol's Weapon of Choice in a battle of Wit, Skill and Awesome. We'll be kicking off at around 4pm on the Adidas Stage, so come early and have a look around - as well as Secret Wars, Streetfest will be showcasing live hip-hop dance battles, skating, in-line and BMX competitions, live music and plenty of street art to grab your attention.

Tickets are on sale for £10 - get yours at TicketWeb!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nando's xPERimental Sketch - This SUNDAY

Nando's Sketch - 22nd of May 2011
@ OXO Tower, Barge House

We're inviting young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to come and learn 4 skills. This will be a fun-fuelled day of Drawing, Printing, Spray-painting, and Prop Building with some free chicken courtesy of Nando's.

Event breakdown

Please visit for more info and to reserve your place! or turn up on the day from 9.30am to get involved.

T-shirt Printing with Hit + Run
This hands on course will teach people the process involved in T-Shirt screen printing.
Every participant will print and keep their own t-shirt

Prop Design with Jiggery Pokery
Each person will be taught the basics in set and prop design from two extremely talented professionals.

Spray painting with Stika and Jamie Brown
These two outstanding Spray-can artists will be teaching their class everything they need to know to create their first piece or character.
Each participant will paint their own word from start to finish on their own personal board.

Pen Drawing with Jimi Crayon and Mr K
Jimi and Mr K are more than handy with a pen. This class does away with paper and gives participants the opportunity to draw on a huge scale with fat paint markers in a black and white team battle. Think 8mile but with drawing

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We Survived!!

The Scandinavian Secret Wars team joined 1800+ party people and 300 DJs, artists, organizers and performers for the 25 HOUR PEOPLE Club Festival.

It was on a boat and it was crazy and yes, we are happy to still be alive..

The Secret Wars battle took place on the way back from Finland…the boat crowd gearing up for a new day with good-morning-beers and some live art!

The guys from the Shitxfaced blog supplied the music and their own rather more explicit pics can be found here..

Thanks to the organizers (Well done!), AOD, Riksteatern, Shitxfaced and everyone who supported and screamed!

(Pics by Patrik Wenner, more can be found here!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Monorex x Nandos Xperimental Sketch

Stika recently taught Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates Spray-Painting in preparation for the Nandos Xperimental Sketch event. Make sure you come down to the Bargehouse on May 22nd. The day will be filled with Pens, Spray-Painting, Sculpture, T-Shirt Printing, and best of all Chicken.

For more Details Visit HERE and HERE

Date: Sunday 22 May 2011
Opening times: 9.30am - 6pm
Admission: FREE
Venue: Bargehouse

Monday, May 09, 2011

New Designers 2011

We are very happy to announce that Monorex & Secret Wars will be taking part in this years New Designers kicking off June 29th - July 09th @ The Business Design Centre, London. Keep an eye on this space as we will be dropping hints closer to the date about our collaboration.

For those that aren't familiar with New Designers please follow the link and you can sign up for tickets! We highly recommend people checking this out as its a great platform - showcasing the very best in graduate design.

Fresh Stika "Don't Hate On Kate" prints - Limited set of 20

Limited run of 20 Stika "Don't Hate On Kate" prints! Hand signed by the artist and 10 have already sold...

£60 (inc postage)
Email - to purchase.

Who wants one?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Remember this? Classic Nigo interview

Classic interview with the Japanese legend NIGO, the mastermind behind A Bathing Ape.

Love the weird translator and the awkward chemistry between Nigo and Jonathan Ross.... Makes me laugh every time :)

Pimpin house but not sure if he is as rich now though (since the recent collapse of BAPE)?!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Monorex x Nando's xPERimental Sketch

Below is a little project we are currently curating with Jimi Crayon and Nando's..

Come check out the main event at the Oxo tower on the 22nd May -


Example being taught a few tricks by the illustration master Jimi Crayon

Nando's also have the largest collection of South African artwork in the UK and will be inviting a couple of the main artists over for the event... Check them out below!

Rasty Knayles

Kudzi Chiruai

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Classic Twinings infusion ad - Waterfalls

Featuring our old friend Tom

Monorex Music Tuesday

In early 2009 I heard this song for the first time, I totally forgot about it and have been playing if for a few weeks now. Animal Collectives 'My Girls' is a epic song. Weird sounds, weird visuals. It's all very left of center. If you haven't heard this song take a listen. Oh and as for the video DAAAMMM its Dope. press play and kick back


Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're On A Boat!

First ever SECRET WARS on water!

Tomorrow absolutely everybody and everyone worth partying with in Sweden will board the M/S Galaxy for 25 hours of mayhem. 1700 tickets sold and more DJ's, artists, bands and beers than you can count packed in.. Let's go!

Tickets might still be available.. Check out 25 HOUR PEOPLE's website and pray!

We depart Stockholm tomorrow (29th) at 1800 hours.

Monorex Music Thursday ('cause music Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday had the day off)

We are late this week so "stop your bloodclot crying" as we have two tracks today. The first is by City & Colours, who performed at Royal Albert Hall and everyone keeps telling me it was emotional - people crying, etc. Andy claims "he kept the emotion inside", but I don't believe him - I think he was first to draw for the Kleenex quick time!
Second we have James Vincent McMorrow, who supported City & Colours at the emotional gig at Royal Albert Hall.

Both on this Record Label: Dinealone Records

P.S. Those indies are churning out great music could the industry be changing maybe? Nope, indies have always been putting out great music....Even though there is no such thing as 'great music' just opinion really....okay I'm blabbering.


A Collection To Cry For

Some guy called Ralph Lifshitz born and raised in the Bronx, sold some ties here and there to some people he knew. Then changed his last name to Lauren created a clothing line which was pretty much more than a clothing label it was a Lifestyle. That word gets used too much but in this case it's correct. From the family that owned the country club to the guy selling crack so he could look dope wearing Ralph Lauren head to toe. It was always more than your average clothing label with all that history put aside Mr Lauren has managed to put together one of the best Car collections i have ever seen in my life money well spent on the cars and the presentation.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dont Hate On Kate

A fresh wall went up overnight - created by our top man Stika as a reaction to all the negative / positive press surrounding the upcoming Royal wedding and the future Queen of England.

Ad of the day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't hate on Kate!

A fresh wall went up overnight - created by our top man Stika as a reaction to all the negative / positive press surrounding the upcoming Royal wedding and the future Queen of England.

1 x artist
1 x scissor lift
1 x bag of paint
1 x day

See here for many Kate haters - Link