Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monorex know how to lay on a party...

We held a small "invite only" paint party down at Monorex HQ last Saturday - It was meant to be ATG vs. Monorex but for various reasons we decided on inviting 10 artists to all jump on and battle it out in the LDN sunshine...Artists included Elmo, Teck 1, Cable St, Alfa, Reeps 1, Stika, Tan, CHU, Town, Mr K!

Big up to all that came and drunk our beer...Also watch out for a small feature of this event dropping on Channel 4's website next month.

Trains before we started
CHU planning his attack
Crowds enjoying the rays and FREE BBQ and BOOZE (Thanks to Tiger beer, Suso and Relentless)
ATG getting up...
Gabriella on some SUSO action
Teck leading the way
T slightly worse for ware :)
Courtyard vibes
The drinks stash
CHU adding the final touches
Some sick ladies Reebok FreestylesAlfa and Reeps in action

Session and Martyn looking serious on the BBQ
Our views from the trains
Stika rocking the "Don't Sleep Tour" tee
Probly's contribution
Teck 1
Long shot of runway
Video of Reeps by Sickmansick.co.uk

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How it all started....

This is a two part video on Secret Wars London Series 1 - Documenting from the Q Finals onwards...

It was a very raw and unknown concept back then - and we didn't understand how big it would grow to be or even how popular it would be.

This edit features all the original artists or "visual rockstars" as I like to call them..Inkie, 5683, Teck 1, Alfa, Mr Shrew etc

Videos by Steve Mcinerney

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Secret Wars x Google x Youtube

Secret Wars were asked to paint at the Zeitgeist Europe 2008 Gala Dinner @ The Grove, Hertfordshire. The show included the most popular acts on Youtube including Beardyman, Mia Rose and the Vagabonds breakdance crew to name a few. Jimi Crayon, Stika, Mr k and the Disco Teck warmed things up with a display of live illustration. Due to security at the party (with Gordon Brown and the Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullahin of Jordan in attendance) we were not allowed to enjoy the open bar and other live acts, so the crew headed to the hotel bar for an evening of overpriced drinks and unacceptable behavior.

Check Youtube next week for some viral clips..

Stika and Mr K sketch against Jimi Crayon and Teck 1
Teck in action re-creating the Youtube hit "Star Wars Kid"
Mr K adding the final touches
Teck 1 + Jimi Crayon finished wall
Mr K + Stika finished wall
The complete piece that is being sent off to Google HQ The edding pose... Some jazz action @ the after party
Not sure if you know but our man Stika has an obsession with fire engines and ambulances....Well when the paramedic said he could turn on the lights, he was chuggy!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Secret Wars - Switzerland vs. England @ Marc Ecko private party!

A battle we did last month in Basel...

Found this video on Youtube - Big up to Nada and Shem!

A bit shaky with the camera man but at the end Marc Ecko thanks Reeps and the artists for the magical skills...Comparing it to when he painted live as a kid on stage while Notorious BIG rapped in NYC.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Monorex Site....V.3

Hello People

We have just launched the new version of the Monorex web site - The site is still very simple in it's design but much more intelligent in the background...New features include:
  • External artist portfolios = Meaning each artist is in control of what you see in their section
  • Interactive quoting system
  • Lots of exciting and super fresh artists added to the Monorex familia - We welcome some old school legends (Chu, Inkie) and a handful of rising stars (Mr K, Stika, Phil Blake)...+ a host of international artists who are joining our new offices Worldwide (Switzerland, Australia)

The new site shows just how big the Monorex network is right now - as we expand Worldwide to rival some of the biggest art collectives / agencies.

The site still has a little more of work to be added - but please do check it out and email us some feedback..

http://www.monorex.com/ (Then click on logo to enter)

Birmingham series 2 is here!

Birmingham series 2 dates and draw is here!

a big shout to all the many artists who have applied to us here in brum..
bad luck to those of you who haven't got in this time, please apply next series..

so, who, when, where?
"..and it goes a little something like thisssssssssssss"

16 artists in total
(picked from a hat in the rainbow pub 15/10/08)

2 battles each night @ the rainbow pub, digbeth

19th july 2008
Posh1 v's Kungfo
Ouch v's N4T4

30th aug 2008
Agent v's Monk
Jake Illustration v's Phill Blake

11th oct 2008
Trav v's Tony Cryze
Newso v's Lady Rinth

15th nov 2008
2p v's Sam Bevlak
Goonism v's Obenzah

27th dec 2008 - quarter final (2 battles)
17th jan 2009 - quarter final (2 battles)
21st feb 2009 - semi final
then the final in the warehouse.. march 09 date tbc

some brilliant artists in there, and some extremely interesting battles

good luck everyone!!

whilst we're here, a big thanks goes out to all the artists who reached for the recent "drop beats not bombs" friendly we had at the Rainbow.. we picked a team each and went at it toe to toe,
everyone one won ;)
unfortunately someone stole our dv camera and therefore we are lacking in stills and video, but here's a few stills we have sourced from secret wars fans out there.. (many thanks Beef + Joe)



lady rinth / obenzah / kungfo in effect

peace from middle earth!

Seeds + Slobz
Burnin'em Secret Wars team

Thursday, May 15, 2008


We have organised a very special "one off" whole car battle with ATG...This will be a FREE event and Monorex will be inviting only 100 special people to come along and witness! FREE BOOZE AND FREE BBQ for all that attend...

Channel 4 have confirmed they will be filming the event - hopefully we are blessed with the sun!

If you would like a chance in coming email - trainbattle@monorex.com for tickets...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Secret Wars in Sweden, Malmo

WOW, This was one of the best battle nights in Secret Wars history to date.... Starring Teck 1, Jimi Crayon and Reeps 1 - Our main scandi man "Daniel Wakeham" had organised a mammoth event...SWEDEN vs. ENGLAND - The night was a huge success and has set up opportunities for a full blown Scandinavian Secret Wars competition.

We had a funny first day as we flew into Copenhagen and went straight onto live radio for a 2 hour interview...We then woke up the following morning and found ourselves on page 2 of the local newspaper (Punkt SE). Swedish TV was also conquered with Daniel repping the SW colours..

Malmo is one sick city and is easily one of my new favourite cities - it feels like London mixed with the grit of Berlin..There is so much energy around the city, and the Swedish have the word "Style" locked down.

The SW battle was held illegally on a huge warehouse rooftop - with over 600 people in attendance, I did not think I would live to see another day (roof falling through)...But lucky for us it was cool! only one person fell through all night! ;)

Scandinavia is one area with some super raw talent - And I feel there will be some serious artists coming out of this new Secret Wars region...Watch this space!

Big up to Marcus, Daniel, Johan, Sonny and Dick for all there help - without you this would not have happened..

Below you will see our journey in photo sequence: enjoy;)

The SW jet

Jimi looking really worried - he is scared of heights!
London in sunny May
Malmo in sunny May
The SW team on live radio!
Teck in full pose - Blue steel
The Westwood pose
Reeps vibrating the Swedish airwaves
Gangster pose
Teck x Reeps 1 ice cream wall
The Reebok shot
Loving the Kid Robot x New Era hat
Longshot of wall in central Malmo
Teck and Jimi customising pillar in Impala store Malmo
Finished results - Swedish pillar (closest), English in the background...
Getting our munch on - Jimi looks really excited
Planning the battle piece
The set up
Jimi doing his Yoga before performing
The great wall of Malmo
The shop, bar and BBQ (Marcus, Daniel, ?)
The artists - English team (Teck, Jimi Crayon) + Swedish team (Finsta, LEOLYXXX)
First outlines
Rooftop views
Birdseye views
Final seconds
One of the respected judges
Teck, Daniel and Jimi
Photos by Monorex & Sonny Johansson