Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A train update...

Our train carriage is getting close to completion - we have internet and furniture but there are still some external building work going on....So while the inside is still being finished the outside got a lick of spray...

A crew from Italy - Truly Design

The Secret Wars network..

So you might be asking where I have been for the past week or so....well I have been busy running around the country starting up regular Secret Wars nights - The plan being we do mini championship knockouts in each major UK city with the winner coming to London for the grand final.

So far I have set-up Southampton and Birmingham with the help of some local help (Ian, Jay), these two will start up as an 8 player knockout in September and will finish the same time as the London version. Hopefully I can get Bristol and Cardiff on board to - but we won't know that until we get down there for the Tag team we need to scope the local interest!

If there is anybody reading this thinking "I would love to set one up in my area" than please give me a shout on the email, explaining your ideas and =



Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monorex @ Adobe Live London

I was asked to talk about design collectives alongside some other great creatives - This was my first talk to such a large crowd since my university days...very nerve racking!

But after getting there 10 mins late (would of been longer but thanks to some crazy driving by my mate Avue we got there a lot quicker) - I stormed into the lecture theatre No1 and sat up front with my bottle of half drunk water..

I had to explain our recent front cover design by Koa, Samuel Casal and Ezzik - which seemed to be quite easy to explain - I then got asked a couple of questions about how we work together in harmony and "are we really as cool as we look or is this just a front"

It felt like being a football star on a table full of mics answering to the press.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Secret Wars Series 2

The original draw - this was how we recorded it! Super raw....Excuse the spelling mistakes - Skunkboys errors :)

All kicks off on June 30th @ Juno

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Secret Wars - BIRMINGHAM @ The Rainbow!

Monorex vs The Graffiti Bastards went off like a rocket!

As usual we (Monorex) lost on away soil, but the venue was packed with fresh faces and it had a real nice summer vibe to the place...The outdoor area is an open roofed warehouse - scattered with deck chairs..and big speakers!

Reeps and Skunkboy smashed it up on the decks with an unplanned collaboration, and Teck and the boys done a great job on the wall.

The journey home was jokes with Teck and Shannon tagging the streets and me falling in a thorne bush..

Thanks to Chu, Energy, Little bastard, Teck, Agent, Cutterskink, Shannon, Reeps, Obi, Skunkboy, Adam, Lee, Kent, Two pence, Edding, Ecko and Tiger Beer....

Thanks to Andreas from Cromatics for the photos!