Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alife x Drake x Umbro x Monorex

The Crystal Pharoah and Alife just dropped a fresh video documenting the Drake gig at the Alife x Umbro pop up store.

Monorex were flown over to paint the large wall in the courtyard - adding every country that featured in the FIFA World Cup 2010... Good fun and a messy trip stateside!

More good projects like this bubbling on that side of the pond, watch this space...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Red Bull Canvas Cooler

A few weeks ago Alfa, Teck, Riff & Mr Gauky headed down to the Redbull HQ for a day of fridge customisation! Along with 15 other top artists they spent the day painting or illustrating the specially primed chillers.

In the evening the workshop was transformed into a private, exclusive exhibition space packed out with Red Bull contacts, artists and a few other lucky people! The finished fridges were placed on plinths for bar owners to select a fridge of their own; so look out for these in the coolest, trendiest bars around London!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Man City x Monorex

Monorex recently sent Mr K and Stika on a 3 day mission to Manchester to paint the Man City club shop at the Arndale shopping centre.

The brief was to apply a blueprint style to all the walls and units - quite a tricky task where there was no room for error (as the guys only had one chance with the permanent white edding pens).

Using a super high res projector (not our usual tool) we were able to minimise the chances of any problems - and the guys worked around the clock to get this complete for the opening.

Overall we were super happy with the finish and the client got exactly what they required....