Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Secret Wars - Southampton! May 10th @ ORANGE ROOMS

Yo get down for another tag team battle - Monorex vs. Undergrowth


Secret Wars press continues to roll in....40 and counting!

Here is the latest magazines dropping some Secret Wars features:

Computer Arts (2 page spread)
DV8 (double page spread)
Illustrated Ape (one page design)
Flavor pill
Artists and Illustrators (three page feature)
Daydream (two page - Alfa SW special)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wrangler store commission...

Starring: MN , Petra, Wen and Squid Inc

We were asked to come and paint the Wrangler store last Saturday - so we sent down what soldiers we had left with Teck out of the country and 5 of us in Manchester - a little stretched but we coped well!
The guys did a great job and entertained the crowds visually alongside the musical talents of Patchwork Pirates on the decks.

Thanks to all at Wrangler and Shannon for over seeing!

Secret Wars - Manchester!

The Monorex team were defeated - Sketch City pulled off a major scalp.....but what a night! lots of tension in the house with a North v South divide.

Funny day tho with us boys getting lost on the way up - instead of going to Manchester we went down the other side of the peak district heading towards Leeds. But it worked out quite well with some super scenic views through the Peak district - and Agent going to toilet about 5 TIMES, christening most of the beautiful and super green fields...

Thanks to all the Sketch City crew - look forward to the re match!

Teck 1 gets sent back out to the Middle East for some more live art action!

We were asked again to go out and paint for Mini Cooper - at some festival promoting the mini release in the Middle East.

All i know from Teck so far is it is hot and he cannot wear shorts or vest or drink booze! so goodluck to him.

Pics coming soon..

Friday, April 06, 2007

Secret Wars feature in Ape Illustrated

Go get a copy blud - North vs South special with 3D glasses!

Wild Hogs commission - Alfa & Agent @ Ace Cafe

Another day another dollar...

Celebrating the sun and the first of many hot days for 07' - Me (Tel), Alfa and Agent went along to organise and paint live for the upcoming Hollywood film called "Wild Hogs"....starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy.

The party was an all dayer @ the Ace Cafe (Stonebridge park)- some really cool things going on in the background with bike burnouts, hog roast and some rodeo action.

A quick reccomendation on Ace Cafe's big breakfast - WOW! it was super cheap and super huge!
some flicks to check