Wednesday, February 23, 2011

- London HQ -

For those of you wondering if Monorex has moved to NYC you were wrong...well I suppose & right (we're in both!). Not all of us have packed up and moved to the big apple, to learn the art of apple juice squeezing. Our London HQ is very much alive & working very hard! Still situated bang in Shoreditch at the original "The Mission" building, all we have done is moved into a spanking new floor where we run our UK/IRE operations.

For any inquiries contact -

The non - productive area (you get sent there if your bad or can't do the chicken dance)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monorex Music Monday

So it's Monday and you have work that needs to be done because you put it off on the weekend. You start illustrator and open Spotify bewildered by the amount of songs . Here is what you should play.

The Tron Legacy Soundtrack is EPIC Daft Punk did a sick job. I didn't think I would ever hear them working with a full orchestra. Violins, Cello's and more instruments which I cant pronounce. Thanks to Stika this has been on repeat in the studio

Spotify Link: Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy
If you liked this you should check out the Inception Soundrack by Hanz Zimmer


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The "Influencers" Doc...

A must watch! Very inspiring stuff and a great advert for NYC..

Produced by R+I Creative

Friday, February 04, 2011

Introducing Bafic....

Hello to the world of the World Wide Web I'm Bafic. The intern at Monorex after a debate with the boss he decided that I should write a post on things i'm looking forward to so here it goes.Bape
Its seems nobody likes Bape anymore. Ignore the fact that every rapper and his weed carrier was wearing it. Ignore the fact 'it sold, ignore the fact that Nigo apparently sold a controlling share amount (its funnny cos i started writing this on 25th january). Ignore it all and just take a look at the clothes their making. Great materials, great designs. Bape are putting their take on classic pieces like the Trench Coat, the Ma-1 jacket, M-65 Jacket, Leather Motorcycle Jackets. Its some pretty dope stuff.
Update: So they sold the 90% of the company shares for just over $2million which is pretty much a bargain. That whole situation is a bit odd. Considering last year they made $60 million Sad times but it will be interesting to see whats going to happen to Mr Bathing Ape, BBC/ICE CREAM, Bape Cafe, and all the other random Bape associated things nigo opened.

Madbury Club
I don't really want to call it an online magazine because a lot of the 'online magazines' currently around are just blogs and I don't want you to have preconception on this epic site so I will just call it something extraordinary delivering great articles and interviews on a wide range on things Clothes, Music, Film, Cars, Food there is even an article on the SNES. Great images,Great Words, Great Editorial Design .

Dels is a musician. He raps on beats that sound as if they were only available in dreams. I first came across him back in 07/08 when he released a track called 'Line after Line' the beat, the lyrics, the music video it was all very left of centre. This year he is releasing his Debut album Trumpalump, which features production from the likes of Kwes, Sampha, and Joe Goddard so you know he is in good hands. He's got a successful career ahead of him trust me. Oh and no post production went into that video. Things to check: Violina, Shapeshift rmx, and Shapeshift video Ghostpoet
Ghostpoet is another artist who is slightly left of centre, whether you call him a Rapper or a Poet he is a force to be reckoned with. I came across this guy on a blog which was written by Dels, i download his ep 'The Sound Of Stranger' and haven't looked back since. His lyrics are visuals on there own and tell great stories. His take on Tribes classic Electric Relaxation is dope. Things to check: Gone, Love Confusion, actually just download the ep 'The Sound of Strangers'

Reeps One
Extended Monorex family is dope not just for the fact that he can beatbox ‘no diggity ‘ without breaking a sweat but because he’s breaking boundaries on what we consider to be a vocal artform. To take an art that is so vocally based and to try make it visually impacting can be tough but when done correctly can produce something epic. Expect to see some great visuals dropping from him this year. Meanwhile i'll leave you with this video Reeps put up Youtube, dope if you ask me.
Watch The Throne
If all goes well we will be talking about this album in years to come. Jay-z and Kanye West. The Shot-caller who we thought was dead and gone (not literally) but returned with his 14th number 1 album and the dick/genius (as Andy put it) who just released his EPIC fifth album. I thought H.A.M was mediocre . The Baroque sounding samples were dope Lex Lugar did good on that beat, but Jay and Ye sounded Lazy straight up lazy, anyway Thats My B*tch was great, Elly Jackson on the vocals = Dope, Jay-z actually had a line about a art dealer you probably never heard of, it was dope, rappers talking about Art is a funny thing i dunno why......anyway where was i oh yeah this album will be dope. Hopefully if not Ye’s got another album coming out which probably be out late August early september. Things to Check out : Power (remix), That’s my bitch, Diamonds from Sierra Leon (remix)


Thursday, February 03, 2011

NYC studio live / work set up

Been in USA for a couple of weeks and now that I am settled in Brooklyn (Greenpoint / Bedford) - I thought I should be polite and show you around my new live / work studio...

I am in a good location, next to all the cool bars and restaurants + round the corner is Mishka, Futura HQ, Kaws and more... Nice to have neighbors like that around!

I will be hopping around the USA a little over the next few months - reaching out to LA, Boston and Detroit, so I will keep you posted on my exciting adventures as they unfold.

Your not cool if you ain't got graff outside your front door.. ;)

You gotta love my simple set-up!

Look to the right of this picture and notice my funny but cool "walk thru" shower to get to the toilet

I need my Twinings tea!

Views from the room - Just see Williamsburg bridge creeping in the background.

Monorex is now in NYC!

Mr T has left London HQ to travel across the pond and set up on a temporary basis in NYC!

Watch this space for updates on his adventures over in the Big Apple..