Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wight Air - Featuring Teck 1, C'bon and Toxic

Been away for a long time - 3 events and 3 other jobs all in 2 weeks! so you could say Monorex is doing ok for won't be long till we finally get our hands on our very own HQ!

Anyway let’s start off with our recent two day trip to the sunny Isle Of Wight, for an extreme sports festival called Wight Air.

I invited 3 artists along for the ride to paint a 60ft (wide) by 1oft (high) wall - The masks I selected were Teck1, C'bon and Polio.....Polio pulled out at the last minute with Glandular fever (get better soon homie).

After a smooth ride on the National Express we arrived at Portsmouth harbour where we jumped on the last ferry to the island. While crossing the 15 min stretch Teck and C'bon where both surprised how choppy it got as the boat was tilting at least 7ft side to side!!

Once arriving at destination we pretty much downed chilli con carnage and hit the sack - charging the batteries for the early morning start.

Both days were really full on but very fun with huge amounts of people coming over to check us out....working from 11 till 6pm both days we covered a huge amount of space. Teck called it his finest piece to date, and on the exposure front we were interviewed by channel 4 and BBC for various documentaries and photographed by a thousand people.

We also squeezed in 4 workshops each day, teaching people how to graf Monorex style.....This went down a treat with the locals as they very rarely get a chance to see this kind of quality.

A massive thank you has to go out to my mum as she cooked us some super dinners and big breakfasts!! xx

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