Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Secret Wars - Featuring Sickboy, Wen, Alfamale and Inkfetish!

Another two battles down - with one more heat to go before we head into the Quarter finals.....

Saturday was one night to remember, raising the bar once again with Wen and Sickboy kicking things off on the left side of the wall. From the starting whistle things were exciting - with Sickboy refusing to get up and start, allowing his opponent (Wen) a head start that he said he needed.

The crowds again only keep growing with Juno having to reject to at least 100 people on the door!! Sorry people....:) we will be getting a bigger venue for series 2!

The results from battle 1 were there for all to see - Wen dropped a sick piece, with his characters curing Sickboy with little injections....while Sickboy chose to just doodle his usual quirky style....The judges voted Sickboy!! Controversially...with crowds booing and cheering :)

Battle 2 was another tasty line up which could have easily been a final...with Alfamale up against Inkfetish, there piece was even more intense with both sides preferring to go all guns blazing!

Inkfetish dropped a pumpkin head character stabbing a little Alfa doll, while Alfamale drew his grim reaper pulling the strings on Inkfetish's Pinocchio character in high heels :) funny!

At the end the judges voted Alfamale 2:1 - but I would have to say that battle really raised the bar as most people thought they planned the piece being that it gelled so well.

Anyway until next time.....see you on the battle field!

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