Friday, November 24, 2006

Stussy sample sale and gear up to Secret Wars!

What a hectic friday this was but enjoyable in a sense....from start to finish I was on my feet walking somewhere or emailing/phoning someone!

I am just glad I have one of those good ol Blackberrys, otherwise I would be lost and out of work. But hey all is cool and I rocked it - so nothing to worry about there.

Ok so here is a quick break down of my day:

  • Woke up / showered / Emails (20 of them) / Picked up a delivery for Secret Wars
  • Designed stickers/ badges/ flyers for Secret Wars street campaign
  • Organising events schedule for next year
  • Met Taka (Matsuri) to pick up flyers for Chilly con carnage / Went to Juno to poster walls
  • Stussy sample sale/ Beer with Teck 1 / Bagels for dinner
  • Home/ More emails and planning of Secret Wars tomorrow

Anyway I bought myself 4 x Stussy tees - some for xmas pressies and a couple for me! :) a mans never got enough fly T's...

signing out - need some extra sleep for a long day on the battle field @ Secret Wars, so see you soon.

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