Thursday, November 30, 2006

Secret Wars - Inkie and 5683 go through to Q finals...


Another super hectic night down at secret wars HQ – with hundreds of people crammed in the venue (Juno) the guys got underway and did not disappoint – with 4 fresh and completely different styles thrown on the wall….first up was 5683 vs C’bon who replaced Polio at the very last minute due to family reasons – so big up to C’bon for free styling a super duper piece based round love and hate.

Monorex invited the Patchwork Pirates and DJ Skunkboy to drop the beats plus we had Cpt crunch mixing some tunes to in a cameo appearance – a perfect music combination for a fierce battle environment.

5683 drew a grim reaper stooping over a boy with polio (pre planned idea), it looked amazing and set the tone for the rest of the night with Inkie and Rich T going head to head. After some split and very confused judges tipped for 5683 the night had a small interval – the monorex boys decided to add a whole load of extras to this secret wars and all future gigs, with C’monts being drafted in to host the night and a freestyle beat boxer to rev the crowd up before round 2!!!! Both hyped and excited the sweaty and loud crowd to the extent of them shouting for Inkie and Rich T…so round 2 commenced with two hot favourites up against each other in round 1 – who would win? Only time would tell.

Inkie made a super quick start, bubbling with magners he literally covered his side of the wall with his classical inspired girl montage – leaving Rich T still on his outlines…..over the 1 and a half hours this was always the case with Rich T struggling to catch up and cover more of the space, at some points of the battle Rich seemed to turn and stare at what Inkie was painting in awe or just pure shock….answers on the back of a postcard!!

With the battles over the crowd were interested to find out who would take the last spot in the Secret Wars Q final – and with the judges for the first time explaining their answers, the crowd got an insight into their thoughts…..and after a dramatic 1:1 vote for each artist – up stepped Jude (Opus Dopus) who dropped the Inkie bombshell, sending the crowd into fits of cheers!!

So may the Quarter finals roll on!!

Next battles – December 16th

Mr Shrew vs. Teck1

Gustav Balderdash vs. Okkle


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