Monday, April 21, 2008

Designers Block Milan

Designers Block invited us to join them in Italy at the open-air public swimming pool, Piscina Argelati, for the madness that is Milan Design Week. Camping on site with, cold showers, free beer, pizza and loads of big white boards to draw on, how could we refuse.
From the start this was destined to be one of the rowdiest Secret Wars Battle ever.
Jimi Crayon and Jeba had 3 days of non timed drawing, building up a huge battle piece, leaving 2 white boards to be completed during a 90min battle on the Saturday night.
A twist on the normal battle format. Reeps One supplied beats and rallied the crowd, then with edding weapons loaded with ink the battle commenced.
Jeba battled hard with some messed up cheese monsters and spaghetti demons, while jimi’s tooled up, pooping pigeon flew into action. Both created some fantastic artwork, it looked very close, no one was sure who would win?
With 90 mins up, the crowd then went mental as Reeps spat out some mo beats and sounds,
(I'm sure he is an android or sumin like that, he isn't human). Then the crowd vote.
First result in was jimi, decibel reading 124. Then jeba, decibel reading 121.
So there it was, jimi crayon, Secret Wars + designers block, milano champion 2008.
Special thanks go to Andy edding UK, Piers, Rory, Gunter, Clifford, Erics, bear, Toby and all the other lovely peeps that we met at Designers Block.
No thanks go out to the tea leaves that smashed the hire car window to steal our stuff and the milano police who couldn’t police a bloody kids birthday party.
till next time, Ian.

The great space at the Piscina Argelati Milano.
Jimi & Jeba soak up some Italian sun.Happy Camping with free pizza from PiersWhat no wall...?
ahhhh there it is...edding weapons
Mushrooms anyone?Jimi, rabbits, meatballs and pasta.
Jeba and the cheese monster.
Reeps had a little scribble up, crazy style.
Jeba's wall ready for the final battle.
Jimi's wall ready for the battle.
you wanner mess wid us...?
The pool fills for the battle.
Reeps one's view of the battle wall.
thanks to ERICS for this lovely chap.
Jeba's battle...
Jimi's pooping all over the place... Champion ;)


Macki* said...

Howdyhooo! (to quote piers)

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Loving the pics and posts... dont forget to check out the DB flickr account when toby sets it up as i got lots of cool shots was great meetin you all, munching pizza and camping.....hope your ride home was smooth...see you soonie I hope!

Oh and..."Happy Camping!:)


clifford said...

im lovin it.... still on a high cu soon x

Hennessy said...

Lov. your style guys!! These are great design ! Congrats from Tahiti.