Monday, April 07, 2008

Switzerland vs. England @ Ecko private party in Basel..

Ecko Bling! We ended up taking 25 watches between the six of us!?!

(Photo by C.Monts)

Secret Wars was invited over by Marc Ecko to the Basel World watch fair - We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to battle the Swiss...

Teck 1 and Wen (Current European and London champions) travelled over to take on Nada one and Shem.

The English team went onto win the tag team battle - winning £2000 + a bundle of Ecko watches...And Marc Ecko decided to buy the whole battle wall for an undisclosed price....

Ian (whitey) Cutterskink was the Monorex host who drove us around both Bern and Basel over the three days. We saw the old medieval villages and played with the bears! We also tried Horse steak for the first time in our life...actually tastes pretty good - leaner than beef!

Thanks to all the guys at Ecko and Ian for sorting the whole project out....Big up Monorex Europe.

A view after take off from London City Airport

Whitey excited as C.Monts brings him over some much needed salad cream

Swiss like to glaze all of this in a gelatin paste

The guys @ Lay up

Teck and Reeps on a shopping spree

Marc Ecko (Left) and Steven introducing the battle

The crazy swiss drummers (Photo by C.Monts)

Teck going big!

The Edding stash..

Reeps trying to fly with one hand

The huge arena

The official photographer (Photo by C.Monts)

The wall was the biggest yet - 40ft wide by 20ft high!

Wen drawing "midget" trees

The finished wall

The Bern bear..

Having fun in the old village

Teck and Reeps getting up on the wall of fame

Team shot - from left Wen, Reeps, T, Whitey, C.Monts and Teck

Teck's mini rhino

Don't Sleep..:)

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