Monday, April 21, 2008

Virgin Radio Block Party - Dubai...Starring Teck 1, Mr K and Stika

Monorex were invited out for a Virgin Radio launch party in Dubai - it was a swift stealth trip as we only had one night there (two full days) we decided on making the most of it and not really sleeping too much.

We saw quite a lot of the city driving around in the car - it was an amazing place that adds a building to its portfolio every month or so....But the whole place feels a bit of a ghost town, even walking around large shopping malls we seemed to be the only people in the area??

But once 9pm came around on the Friday - the peeps came out of hiding, as Virgin laid on one HUGE party with free booze and food for invite press and selected people only! As usual we destroyed the bar and the guys mad some headlines with their live artwork..Straight after the party we were on a 5am flight home :(

Nearly got arrested at the airport trying to smuggle 40+ spray cans through - lots of Dubai muscle men shouting at me as if I was a terrorist! But after 2 hours of delagation proving we were on business and these were my tools - they allowed me to join the team and fly home...phew

It all felt like a bit of a dream it went so fast....Slept most of Saturday and Sunday!

Guys having a quick smoke @ Heathrow before setting off on a long journey...

Touch screen on the Etihad flight

Trademark posers

Teck taking flicks while Steve Irwin (Mr K) wrestles with the gators

Check Stika's tattoo on back of leg

Team Monorex repping in Dubai!

Kicking off the Block Party!

Sick building, sick shot...

The stash of paint we got through customs :)

Live tattoo artist - illegal in Dubai! Gangster...

Virgin Radio launch party...

Teck signals for peace...

Mr K creating his world of characters

The crowd shot

Stika looks really happy with himself..


Mr K and his entourage of ladies!

Mr K's finished piece

Teck and Ben

Thanks to Simone for getting us involved

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