Sunday, June 10, 2007

Secret Wars - BIRMINGHAM @ The Rainbow!

Monorex vs The Graffiti Bastards went off like a rocket!

As usual we (Monorex) lost on away soil, but the venue was packed with fresh faces and it had a real nice summer vibe to the place...The outdoor area is an open roofed warehouse - scattered with deck chairs..and big speakers!

Reeps and Skunkboy smashed it up on the decks with an unplanned collaboration, and Teck and the boys done a great job on the wall.

The journey home was jokes with Teck and Shannon tagging the streets and me falling in a thorne bush..

Thanks to Chu, Energy, Little bastard, Teck, Agent, Cutterskink, Shannon, Reeps, Obi, Skunkboy, Adam, Lee, Kent, Two pence, Edding, Ecko and Tiger Beer....

Thanks to Andreas from Cromatics for the photos!


the base said...

sick night!!

Veezy said...

i got some more pics from that night, it was absolutely bangin