Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daydream x Secret Wars @ Rich Mix - SMASHED IT!

The Daydream boys (Hugo, Avue and Ben) invited us down to get involved and drop a Secret Wars....So being that the wall was massive we decided to invite 7 artists down to battle it out Royal Rumble stylie...Guess what? it worked and the guys smashed it! Thanks to Reeps 1, Teck 1, Wen, Inkfetish, D Bug, Polio and Sichi.

I snuck a big bottle of Bacardi in and got pretty merry - after we ended up having a house party back at Paul Gabba's NYC style studio (the one we have been decorating). I must of danced till the early house of the morning.........:)

Wicked night and I cannot wait till the next one!

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