Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monorex @ Adobe Live London

I was asked to talk about design collectives alongside some other great creatives - This was my first talk to such a large crowd since my university days...very nerve racking!

But after getting there 10 mins late (would of been longer but thanks to some crazy driving by my mate Avue we got there a lot quicker) - I stormed into the lecture theatre No1 and sat up front with my bottle of half drunk water..

I had to explain our recent front cover design by Koa, Samuel Casal and Ezzik - which seemed to be quite easy to explain - I then got asked a couple of questions about how we work together in harmony and "are we really as cool as we look or is this just a front"

It felt like being a football star on a table full of mics answering to the press.


CHU said...

were you in front of a logo-board too?

cutter skink said...

when do we call you sir terry?

Monorex said...

no logo board but i did request one