Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nando's xPERimental Sketch - This SUNDAY

Nando's Sketch - 22nd of May 2011
@ OXO Tower, Barge House

We're inviting young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to come and learn 4 skills. This will be a fun-fuelled day of Drawing, Printing, Spray-painting, and Prop Building with some free chicken courtesy of Nando's.

Event breakdown

Please visit for more info and to reserve your place! or turn up on the day from 9.30am to get involved.

T-shirt Printing with Hit + Run
This hands on course will teach people the process involved in T-Shirt screen printing.
Every participant will print and keep their own t-shirt

Prop Design with Jiggery Pokery
Each person will be taught the basics in set and prop design from two extremely talented professionals.

Spray painting with Stika and Jamie Brown
These two outstanding Spray-can artists will be teaching their class everything they need to know to create their first piece or character.
Each participant will paint their own word from start to finish on their own personal board.

Pen Drawing with Jimi Crayon and Mr K
Jimi and Mr K are more than handy with a pen. This class does away with paper and gives participants the opportunity to draw on a huge scale with fat paint markers in a black and white team battle. Think 8mile but with drawing

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