Monday, June 06, 2011

London HQ studio move... Shoreditch >> Clapton

Last week was a very busy and strange week all round - Not only did we have the Paint for Japan event to organise, but we also moved studio the day after! Mad planning I know...

It was a long day of mixed emotions, feeling sad we were leaving the very location that has helped shape Monorex and Secret Wars what it is today. But after 5 years in this area, the time felt right to move on and embark on a new adventure... Hello Clapton

As most Shoreditch locals know, the area is becoming less and less cool, with drunk herds, tacky bars and glass giants rapidly moving in... Shoreditch has finally evolved from a once little village into an extension of the West end. For these reasons and also for us to keep up with the young creative circles, moving deeper East into a larger space felt right.

Our new space is an old toy factory and is hidden peacefully near the canal - We have 1500 sqft to play with and space to grow... The team has already tripled in size and the future looks very bright.

2011/2012 will be a very interesting and exciting period for Monorex, as we slowly grow on a global scale.. Watch this space!

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