Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monorex Music Monday

It's 1970 and Curtis Mayfield takes time away from his group (the impressions) to record his debut solo project 'curtis'. This album is great each track delivers a story, backed by drums and trumpets. Curtis Mayfield sings in a falsetto that later became the basis of numerous Hip-Hop tracks in the future. From the 17 tracks on this album 7 of them have been sampled, from Kanye West to N.W.A, from N.W.A to E.P.M.D, from E.P.M.D to Lil Wayne, from Lil Wayne to Redman. by now you must get my point. This album is important, his voice is important, across his whole career his voice was sampled 153 times....just amazing.
Curtis Mayfield – Curtis!(spotify)
Curtis Mayfield - The Makings of You


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