Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vice Magazine x Adidas Partaaay

It was the day after the Hamburg and London Secret Wars Euro League battle. It was an immense night! The rest of the London team were sent home leaving, myself, Terry, Disco and Martyn to fend for ourselves. We were fully rested and were ready to put our bodies through another night of abuse (The Non-Sexual variety). This time it was in aid of Adidas, who were launching a new iphone application.

From past experience, we knew the Vice party would be a great way to ruin ourselves and even though we knew we had to be up really, really, stupidly early to catch our coach to Berlin, we decided to ignore our better judgement and carry on as if nothing mattered. Terry, Disco and Martyn were on the hard stuff and I was all over anything sugary.

Goldilocks was there performing on the night. She was great, but her set made me realise how much I was missing London. A couple of minutes and a tune later I was back to partying with the guys. There's a load of amazing footage on our flip, which we'll post up shortly...until then, enjoy!

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