Thursday, March 04, 2010

Monorex x Bulmers Berry (Dublin & Cork)

Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Berry!!

Over the last couple of months these are the two words that have been going through our minds as we prepared for a huge project at Monorex HQ. We were given the challenge of planning 2 launch parties in Ireland (Dublin & Cork), advertising and billboard campaigns and a number of other bits and pieces, this was looking like a huge challenge, one we were definitely up for...

Bulmers were gearing up to follow their successful range of drinks with Bulmers Berry. With an Undergrowth Movement tag line, we pulled out all the stops to make sure they had a launch to remember.

Monorex flew out a huge crack team to make sure all angles were covered - in total there was 15 people on the road at all times. Some would call a logistical nightmare, we would see it as one huge opportunity to show one of the biggest brands in Ireland what we are all about.

Prepping the set (Before & After)

Andy the BIG boss of Monorex Ireland...

Dan Leo in action

Reeps 1 also featured and went down a storm with the irish

DiscoTeck enjoying the 90 minute challenge

Dj Smash Hits playing out for the first time

Get Shakes were flown in to perform in Dublin

Some of the many ladies in attendance

Mr T (Monorex), Mr Bulmers and Mr A (Monorex Ireland)

Stika customising the 8ft Bulmers bottles

The Monorex mini bus from Dublin to Cork

DiscoTeck and his bag of loot

Signature please

Mr T looking delighted with his goodie box

DiscoTeck and the lovely Bulmer's Berry girls...

Photos by Jaysus

Thanks to Wight Preservation for helping build the set and driving the wood from London to Dublin and back.

Big up to all the Monorex team for the hard work and get some sleep!

Watch this space for future Bulmers collabs

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Anonymous said...

y'all be good- I want some of that berry in Texas for all our cowboys and those a hot cowgirls! Ye! Ha!