Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monorex in Munchen, Germany

Was in Munich last week on a small reccie mission - taking time to see the historical sights while looking into whether this place could possibly hold a Secret Wars...

Saw some amazing graff trackside from the airport, but within the city it was hard to find a single tag or sticker...

Met some really cool people who are making waves in various areas of art and street culture, but I am not 100% sure this is a good place to drop a Secret Wars battle...? Thoughts people? Anyone got different views on this? 


ARAB said...

yeah, your in the wrong area T get out of town a bit further... I can't believe you missed it - never mind.
research dude.

Monorex said...

yo Ian - how are you? long time..

yeah actually after posting this we found a good area recommended by our new friend...was the hipster party area with an east end feel! so all good - looks like we have a munich event in August now alongside Andreas...I also saw that Kickz store with our artwork still in window...crazy

Hope all is well and see you soon


ARAB said...

Hey cool man, glad you found it. all good in the swissland thanks, lots of fun n events going on.
have a good time stateside fly the flag.