Thursday, April 23, 2009


Went to Moscow to battle "team Russia" in Secret Wars @ Faces & Laces - We had a great time and made some good friends! cheers to all that helped out and got involved and a huge big up to Reebok Russia for getting us out there.

Moscow is an amazing place and I would recommend it to anyone... Some interesting food and cheap Russian vodka always near by ;)

We had 3 days off where we checked out all parts of the city and made some good connections - we also ended up hanging out with magician Dynamo, who was actually staying in the room next door at the hotel... This guy is seriously talented, check him out on YOUTUBE.

yesterday we went on a little sight seeing visit - below are some of our shots!

The Russian doll shot
Our Russian version of the Abbey Road shot

Spot the sticker - one of a hundred on the streets


RUSSIA (Djagarta & Sick Systems) vs. ENGLAND (Teck 1 & Wen)

The rules and info

Kick off - with the Russians on the left and UK on the right
The battle was held on the Reebok stand, over the 90 mins we must have had over 1000 people come and check it out. The reaction from the Russians was great! I am sure we will be back soon.
England and Russia meeting in the middle
Team England - Teck (Left), Wen (Right) - Theme was bear baiting the old and very popular russian cartoon character "Cheburashka"
The Russians all think we are Cockneys ;), so they decided to crunch us up with Vasilly's trademark character.

Watch this space for more action in Russia

Photos by: Medzyun Pavel.



to11 said...

Hi guys.
I visited the "FACES&LACES" and enjoy your battle. It was cool. My opinion that your wall has been better, but unfortunately, it was only my humble opinion.
I wish you every success!

Трэшь said...

I totally agree with you! I am an artist second wall Djaga! thanks for the comment!