Friday, August 01, 2008

Secret Wars London - Series 3 Report - Stika beats Jimi Crayon..

At last Secret Wars London is back.....After 4 months travelling the World and battling tribes from many cultures, the Secret Wars team is back home @ Juno!

Wary of whether we would still pull a crowd - our nerves were put to rest around 9pm when the bar packed out in usual SW fashion....With Jimi and Stika revved to go, we got Reeps on the mic to do the 10 sec countdown.....

The atmosphere was electric and Stika had an army of fans scattered within the crowd! Jimi created a Sika kebab while Stika did a "Not to do list".....Two very different styles that got everyone talking!

After much hype and talk the judges and crowd spoke - The first judge (Nash Money) went for Jimi, and then the crowd controversially went for Stika.....So 1-1 with just one more judge to vote (Bayo, owner of Juno Bar) - He went Stika! With a small section of boo's and the Stika crowd celebrating the first Secret Wars battle was complete....

See you all @ the next battle - August 9th @ Juno

Big up to Andy @ edding pens for the constant supply of juicy special markers!



Elijah said...

this was big... jus way 2 hot in there!!

poster paint said...

this night was a hot box both pieces came out sweet
juno bar looks sweet aswell with its make over