Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret Wars Birmingham - Series 2 round 1 results

Birmingham series 2 - july 19th
edding for life
2 battles, one night
first 4 artists up to bat
posh1 v's kungfo
3-0 - kungfo


winner - right hand side kungfo

ouch v's n4t4
3 - 0 - n4t4

n4t4 - winner

foto's - seeds

video coming soon

so n4 and kungfo move into the next round!

a hectic night! as always in brum the sounds were off the hinge with royal and skeleton in the front of the the pub, and seeds, slobz, didi and automaton in the back as the battle went off, then later gem atkins gave us the pleasure of a 2,3 hr set of hip hop classics. massive respect to our new resdient Gem, mans a legend. if you don't know.. now ya know!
the party went on to the wee hours, chargin' up all the brum family, roll on the next round!

watch the brum myspace for news -
(and for more info about the round including ouch's mad stylings! peep the blog)

various reviews on the local here are popping up, keep em peeled for stuff in whatson, the night time and an article in fused.. on then there's the bbc of course ;) check it -

big chill, bloom festivals here we come!

next round
30th aug 2008
Agent v's Monk
Jake Illustration v's Phill Blake
seeds + slobz

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