Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brum news! - Big dirty warm up went off

a yo
birmingham is going off, standardly..

July 12th was host to a night of epic proportions in the now infamous rainbow warehouse in digbeth. As dubstep legends rusko + caspa, clouds and tes la rok (but to name a few) killed sound, our burnin'em artists killed a full wall inside the venue to warm up for our second series..
in attendance we had - trav, newso, 2pence (both of em), obenzah, lady rinth and phill blake. i think these photo's say it all..

biggin up andy @ edding each and everytime

rusko kills sound - foto by neonjay

trav - foto by neonjay

obenzah - foto by neonjay

lady rinth - foto by neon jay

trav, 2pence getting it fired up - foto by neonjay

the left hand side - trav / newso / 2pence

the right hand side - obenzah / lady rinth / phill blake

massive props to the artists, trailer park beats fam, rainbow warehouse crew, markle, rusko and caspa, clouds, tes la rok, ramadanman, reso, adamn noize, n4orcefield, verity, eva laz, keithy g, didi, wonky fam, boogie dave, ksmk, photographer and video crew, witts, neonjay, fused, whatson, don't stay in,.. all the people who were loving the secret wars vibe and everyone who reached. massive massive night.. watch out for big dirty 2 - the cheeseburger picnic.

loads more pics at and

seeds + slobz
brum crew ...ya dun know

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