Saturday, July 21, 2007


Wow what a night! I cannot believe it - England beat Wales on there own turf.....Thanks to the local crowd vote (including Goldie looking chain). It was 1-1 after the judges so went to a decider vote using the decibel reader, the results were Wales 116d against Englands 117d.

England - Teck 1, Debug, Max
Wales - Mr Shrew,

Both teams smashed it, with England drawing St George the knight jowsting the Welsh dragon with a paintbrush....while the Welsh tried to make the English lion look tame and cute.

The whole trip was jokes with a couple of nightmares en route to Cardiff - Starting off with Teck 1 bending the van key 10 mins into our journey!! But with the luck shining on us, Shannon randomly knew a lock smith 2 mins down the road....who saved the day!! Thanks dude

With the road trip taking 5 hours rather than 2.5 we rocked into the venue at around 8pm - ready to go straight in to battle with the Welsh boys..And then to add further insult to injury we were fed WKD blue all night rather than beer, awful drink!

Through out the night we threw in some little extras with Fozzy and Reeps going head to head on the beat box mic! This got the crowd going for what I feel was the best Secret Wars on tour to date...

After our victory we decided to stagger off and finally grab some dinner (at 3am), ending up in City Kebab where we spent £30 on fast food delight...

Thanks to the huge turnout from the city of Cardiff and a massive shout out to Rough styles & Tom for hosting the event....Also thanks to Mr shrew and the boys for taking it to the wire...

Setting off on tour - Teck looks shocked that Shannon is already on the booze!

After hours of traffic we finally get to Cardiff bridge - Weather turns grey

The cheeky welsh toll booth - £5 to enter the country!

Kick-off, Debug plans his teams route to victory

The huge crowd that came and witnessed...

Shannon after 5 beers - pointing to the diss at the welsh for using pencils

Teck puts up the British Knight jowsting the Dragon

Welsh team get into gear after 3o mins of pencil planning

Reeps 1 exploding on the mic

Fozzy on the mic doing what he knows best

Max grabbing his stall and the next generation of fans in the front row!

Teck 1 in full flow

The finished wall - a complete masterpiece

England team rolls with ice on the wrist - Thanks to Gav at Ecko

Obi 1 and Shannon

The boys back on the blue stuff

T and Shrew

The Welsh vote in two languages

T on the decibel reader

Teck 1 summoning the force.....

The Road trip home! Fresh

Obi dropping a sticker on the M4 near Hammersmith - while we are stuck in traffic!


Anonymous said...

wicked niight at cardiff, great stuff from both sides of the bridge.

look forward to the next one now then?


Monorex said...

Thanks dude - good to see you enjoyed it!

More on the this space

JON BUNNEY said...

hey man

was my first time....u got my wanting more.
was and awesome night great atmosphere!

both crew killed it!
cant wait 2 catch some more.

RMER said...

yes all....really good night and a great turn was mad rammed!

bigups to the england crew..true marker gonna start practicing in the art of the eddings.

next time gadget!

peace n luv

Rmer one
cardiff city