Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Bread & Butter Report...

Just touched down in grey old London and am already reflecting on what we got upto out in Barcelona....Met some amazing contacts in the industry (Marc Ecko, 10 Deep, Staple etc) - I also feel fully inspired by the show as a whole, as there was so much going on creatively, it was mind blowing...

There were some funny times out there asides from the free drink and hot sun, with me and Andrew (Simple Genius) trying to conquer the whole city map in 4 days.... I came to the conclusion that the older spanish people seem a little strange, as where ever we went they just stared and mumbled at us....weird! Andrew thought it was a racist thing (Black man/White man hanging out together) - But i reckon it was probably the neon garms we were repping!

My main mission for going was to try and get the ball rolling on a Secret Wars / Daydream magazine European tour, and with the contacts made it was mission accomplished.. Off to Berlin next to go and sort the same thing (Venue, sponsors and logistics), so should be another fun trip.

I stickered up the whole of Barcelona and dished out a good 60 business cards, hopefully we will be getting some calls in the next couple of weeks :)

Here are some flicks of the trip:

THE SHOT OF THE TRIP - MARC ECKO, ME AND ANDREW TALKING BUSINESS - He said "Secret Wars was a fantastic idea and looked forward for it to hit NYC" Hopefully this will turn true in November....

@ The Vice party on the last night
Not sure what the face was for? Andrew (Simple Genius) decided to sticker people
Andrew "One eyed willy" and his crazy mate

Tagged a couple of arms....guerilla marketing at its best!
Avue (Daydream) & Leon our host in Barcelona
Chrissy (Addict) popping off with Jasper (Rogue Status) looking on in shock
Dulla (Daydream) and me
Our crew - taking over! Hugo multi-tasking, snapping while drinking
Jasper (Rogue Status) and Duller (Daydream)
Ricoloop ripping it up, this dude was the sickest live act I have ever seen...He basically sampled random sounds live while beatboxing over the top..Hopefully we can link with this guy in Berlin.
The view of Bread and Butter from the palace doing there thing...another interesting way of getting out there!
Rocking the spexs

Live art at B&B - The famous 7th letter crew, these guys smashed it!

The streetwear section - HUGE & SUPER HOT!
An aerial view of the RBK stand, showing off the ice creams and the new Voltron collection
Avue, Lin-Lin, Sammy (from Jelly Mon) and me

Marc Ecko purpose built apartment smack bang in the centre of the court yard.
Wranglers slightly funkier attempt - They had live art going on and the Japanese clothes conveyor belt...sick!
More 7th letter action

Barcelona's futuristic rik shaws

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