Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another night on the town....:) I mean FREE booze art circuit!

Went along to check out a couple more shows last night - first up was the Jon Burgerman / Lazy Oaf show down @ Lazy Oaf HQ, where Jon was presenting some of his new creations in store while frantically signing girls shoulders etc...

Once me and Teck had downed our free cranberry juice we moved onto the grand finale - Mark Gonzalez's toy robot show @ DPMI store. This was a presentation of the 1000 robots he painted by hand over the last month - Not really to sure about his artistical skills, maybe he should stick to skate boarding! But the party was top dollar with everybody who is anybody in attendance. I drunk a few Tiger beers and tried to find the dance floor but realised this was a store not a club...(I’m joking Gabriella)!

Anyway all in all the night was a good laugh and it gave me a chance to dish out some of the 5000 flyers I have for this weeks Chilly Con Carnage event...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Shok1 & Calma show at stolen space..

Yo just woke up from a hard night out on the town - went to the Shok1 / Calma show down at D*face's tiny venue in brick lane (stolen space).

The show was really good with some outstanding pieces of work on display including the cap headed shok 1 dunny!

The usual heads in appearance and free booze drying up fast - all i got was a peach snapz!

Also the D*face cannon ball dog on top of a real life car - "crushed car", that looked super sick but didn't get a snap as it was all fenced off!

Another 2 parties tonight including Mark Gonzo's show so should be another messy one!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monorex conquers Sweden!

Just touched back down from a little weekend break in Stockholm, wicked city!! Went over with the lady to see a friend (Tomei) and we basically partied hard.....oh and shopped :)

Some super dooper clubs over there, playing some of the freshest hip hop I have heard in a while...Really loved the clean and friendly vibe about the city - reminded me of Tokyo but without the bowing, they even seemed to sell sushi in every other restaurant you go to, treating it like a Chinese buffet.

Saw the sights as well with walks around all of the old town and the Nobel peace prize town hall.

This is a must see location for all you travelers out there...

Saw a little street art out there, not the best but worth a mention..

Back in the big smoke now getting ready for Secret Wars and Chilly con carnage, gonna be a busy end to the month so keep your selves tuned in.

See you all soon

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Best is yet to come!

Went down to the Matt Sewell/Mr Pinks party last night and drank as much free Tiger beer as I could! :) Once I was fully juiced up I went and mingled with the usual creative heads Inkfetish, Insa and co - The artwork was spot on and I especially liked the wall they painted. I would even say the prints were slightly on the cheap side which made me smile!

Anyway until the next free doo - see you around!

Oh and no I didn't get a ticket to see Madlib @ Koko (Camden), even though it was right near my house.


Teck 1 hits the Hungarian riots...

Just a quick update from our main man Teck1, he sent me over these photos on his tea break from the scuffles that were taking place outside his local...

As you can see he has dropped some robot magic with a touch of Monorex class...Hope he gets home ok!


Monday, October 02, 2006

Secret Wars - Battles 3/4 - September 30th

Ok so another two battles down, putting us halfway through the first round! For the peeps that came and saw you have now seen 8 of the 16 artists live in action and already we have had some high profile casualties including Cpt. Buckioe and Fybe...

Each event seems to get busier with the hungry crowds filling the Juno bar to the rafters, looks like we gonna need to start looking for a bigger venue if this keeps up!

But for now Juno is the bloody battle arena and it has already seen its fair share of nail biting battles. I would have to say the Teck 1/Fybe fight was the hardest yet to separate as both guys dropped some super tight pieces. They have raised the bar for future stand offs within Secret Wars for sure!!

Mr Shrew beat Dbug with his trademark character on hand, the vote was 2:1 in favour of Shrew and his army of Cardiff followers..Dbug swiftly left the venue without giving his required interview for the press, I'm sure this was for a Kebab rather than bad sportsmanship!

After mopping up the messy arena floor - I am now preparing the next battles 5/6 which features the almighty Sickboy, Wen, Alfamale and Inkfetish....THIS IS ONE NOT TO MISS!!

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