Monday, October 16, 2006

Monorex conquers Sweden!

Just touched back down from a little weekend break in Stockholm, wicked city!! Went over with the lady to see a friend (Tomei) and we basically partied hard.....oh and shopped :)

Some super dooper clubs over there, playing some of the freshest hip hop I have heard in a while...Really loved the clean and friendly vibe about the city - reminded me of Tokyo but without the bowing, they even seemed to sell sushi in every other restaurant you go to, treating it like a Chinese buffet.

Saw the sights as well with walks around all of the old town and the Nobel peace prize town hall.

This is a must see location for all you travelers out there...

Saw a little street art out there, not the best but worth a mention..

Back in the big smoke now getting ready for Secret Wars and Chilly con carnage, gonna be a busy end to the month so keep your selves tuned in.

See you all soon

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