Sunday, September 24, 2006

One big bar crawl....on the creative streets of Shoreditch!

Went on a massive free art party crawl on Thursday, Me and Gabriella started off @ Designers Block where the tasty Russian beers were flowing and then we moved onto Brick lane for a quick curry...

Once topped up with some super tasty Bangle food we rolled onto Kept and D*Face's showcase gallery at the Stolen Space - Beer had already run out :( so after catching up with some peeps we moved on.

Next stop being the Scrawl collective's party down near the vice bar, it was hosted in the most amazing space - A huge open planned car workshop with two old tube cars placed neatly on the roof!!

The canvases made for the show were all spot on with Danny Sangra and the boys smashing it!! I particularly liked Will Barras's biggest canvas hung from the ceiling.

Again the booze had run dry but the party was still booming with shit loads of creative people...After we had a good look at all the tight artwork by Scrawl we slowly moved on home.

Good night

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