Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Air Festival - Nike Party @ Nike Town London

I was recently invited to attend the "invite only" launch of AIR, this was a special super duper party celebrating everything NIKE AIR!! Held at the mega store Nike town this little party had all the ingredients for a perfect night of fun....A basketball net where you could test and measure your jump, art gallery with I-saw, Dave White and co all exhibiting and to top it all off free booze and canap├ęs!

Me and my beautiful lady Gabriella went along to see what all the fuss was about and as soon as we got there it was buzzing with people who didn’t have a ticket but were desperate to get in. Then after wrestling and body slamming a few people we arrived at the front of the queue where our friend Acyde was standing. He shuffled us in and directed us to the party, it was really surreal with cameras lined up taking snaps of you as you pass through to the bar.

The party was a great success with every pissed up and jumping around in their Nike kicks, I know I was wasted alongside Gabriella who was shaking her butt on the dance floor in front of the legend Jazzie B.... I met some cool peeps there from Dave White to Dizzie Rascal (and his diamond grillz), all in all I would give the party a 7/10!

On the way home we hit a 24 hr sushi bar which is pretty random and shuffled on home for a long nights sleep.

Looking forward to the next one

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Anonymous said...

cant believe i missed out on that...u better hook me up at the next one!