Thursday, February 03, 2011

NYC studio live / work set up

Been in USA for a couple of weeks and now that I am settled in Brooklyn (Greenpoint / Bedford) - I thought I should be polite and show you around my new live / work studio...

I am in a good location, next to all the cool bars and restaurants + round the corner is Mishka, Futura HQ, Kaws and more... Nice to have neighbors like that around!

I will be hopping around the USA a little over the next few months - reaching out to LA, Boston and Detroit, so I will keep you posted on my exciting adventures as they unfold.

Your not cool if you ain't got graff outside your front door.. ;)

You gotta love my simple set-up!

Look to the right of this picture and notice my funny but cool "walk thru" shower to get to the toilet

I need my Twinings tea!

Views from the room - Just see Williamsburg bridge creeping in the background.

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