Monday, November 29, 2010

Come Meet Rex travels South

Come meeRex travels to the home of Secret wars Q-finalists Southampton as we try and cheer them up after their defeat to Amsterdam. It'll be tough, but we've got the talents of Klose One who's set will be recorded live and packaged up with a feshly designed album cover, which will be designed live on the night and projected onto the wall!!

Exciting stuff I think you'll all agree

All you have to do is remember the following details

Venue - POP BAR, Vernon Walk (Next door to Orange Rooms)
Opening times - 8pm - 2am
Entry - Free before 9pm, £3 before 10pm, £4 after

and last but not least if you're an artist, designer, photographer or an all round talent, then bring your CV along with you on a CD or USB for us to hold on to!

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