Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bulmers Berry Campaign - IRELAND

Cider me this, cider me that, with apple & pear have some new Berry I dare

For those that have been following our previous posts you might have seen our involvement with Bulmers Berry- the latest addition to the successful cider brand portfolio. Having been involved with the brand on a number of areas we weren't done yet! Adding to this huge project, Monorex teamed up with the brand to work on phase 2 of the Bulmers Berry nationwide outdoor campaign. Having already rolled out throughout the country, we wanted to post the seriously fresh "An Undergrowth Movement" designs that artists Disco Teck and Mick Minogue created. The task of designing the ads for both artists was a slightly simpler role compared to phase 1- which saw both guys hit up 2 massive billboards to deliver hand painted images. Nevertheless, it was great to see the finished designs printed and mounted on billboards and buses around Ireland.

From all of us at Monorex- it was an absolute pleasure and joy working with Bulmers Berry and everyone one inolved from start to finish. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on a number of different areas and we wish all the best for the brand. X

* Photos taken by Francesco Taurisano*

Disco Teck

Mick Minogue

Also check out this time lapse of Disco Teck hand painting his image onto a 96 sheet billboard. Big shout to Martyn from StitchThat who shot this fine video.

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