Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Artists invade HQ - Day One - Secret Wars MEGA WALL

Although the sun has not graced us with it's presence today the artists are out in full force here at HQ! The paint, beers and creativity have been flowing all afternoon as the wall begins to take shape. From an overweight, alcoholic Batman to a scantily clad woman perched on a skull, the crazy blend of characters are already banding together to form an eclectic army; and its only the first day! With Mr Gauky, Alfa, Reeps, Sticka and Oneks from the London contingent and Dan Leo & Frizelle joining us from Dublin we are definitely not short on talent.

Tomorrow promises to see another influx of artists, including some of the infamous Birmingham crew. With Sticka's huge Euro League logo set to take pride of place above the character mayhem, it's going to be a full out battle for space as everyone inputs their skills onto the wall.
As long as there are no alcohol/scaffolding related casualties then this weekend looks set to be a success.

More updates to come tomorrow! Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

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