Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Monorex and edding UK were shortlisted for 3 of the 8 awards this year, which is an unheard of achievement - we walked away on the night with one of those 3 awards "The Lloyds Innovation" prize... Congratulations to everyone who has helped make Secret Wars what it is today, from the artists battling to my guys back stage who make sure lights are on and walls are fresh white!

“Increasingly, innovation is seen as a key tool for the advancement of both the business and the cultural sectors. Arts & Business encourages and supports new partnerships that strive for innovation, establishing examples for other companies to follow.”
Colin Tweedy, Chief Executive, Arts & Business

“The successful partnerships that have been recognised demonstrate the importance of a cross-sector collaborative approach. They also confirm innovation as a key factor to achieve wider strategic objectives.”
Richard Ward, Chief Executive, Lloyd'

A special thanks to Andy from edding for making this all happen, as he was the man who filled in that crazy 32 page doc to apply at the start ;) well done sir!

Terry and Jay from Monorex / Secret Wars

Mr Arts and Business, Terry from Monorex/Secret Wars and Andy from edding

The award was hand carved in Afghanistan (Kabul) by a charity foundation called the Turquoise mountain.

A few eyebrows were raised when we won the award, as we were the underdog on the night - going up against people like BP and the Royal Opera House...

After losing the first two awards silently (in pain), a lot of passion was shown when Kate Mosse read out our name as winners for the final award - we all jumped up with huge screams of YES, C,mon...etc and started cuddling each other (man passion :).

To eat cost £200 each but as you can from the starters, it was well worth it!

Gabriella from Redbull added some much needed beauty to a table of lads..

Afterwards Classic FM and The Guardian interviewed us and we were congratulated by many random people, a great night and I hope we can apply again with the School Wars concept.

Watch out as we are going for all 8 next year!


The Kool Skool said...

Good work family! We feel you don't need the business work to legitimize your hard work, but sponsorship makes it easier to spread the love. The School Battle project is an really positive idea!

Anonymous said...

Andyyyyyy tux jacket needs to be buttoned when standing up!!