Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Secret Wars were invited to host a 2 on 2 90 minute battle in Athens alongside the MTV X Swatch Playground event... Below is how the night unfolded in this ancient city!

Some of the limited edition watches on display - we were all given one each

Mr Gauky and DiscoTeck's first day back at school making collages

The rooftop view from the BIOS bar, can you see the Acropolis in the background?

The battle begins in a heated and very vocal atmosphere

DiscoTeck giving Mr Gauky drawing lessons

Check that line control

London's idea was all about the god of the underground "Hades" and his 3 headed dog

Mr T giving his 2 pence worth before voting for London, we lost 2-1 after the other and crowd voted Athens??? Confused as why, but please add your thoughts on this post

The Greeks were awarded 1000 euros for there efforts..Congrats

Win or lose Monorex crew always know how to party - check out Mr Gauky's chicken dance!

check out more info on the project at - www.swatchmtvplayground.com

Thanks to Terence and the Protein peeps for getting us involved

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