Thursday, January 08, 2009

Edding design brief - Calling all artists!

So here is the brief for the new edding ‘Art Series’ Design Competition…

Task: Creation of an edding art series label and packaging design
edding wants to launch a new product line with label designs based on illustration/graffiti – the new line will be called edding “art” series

In total 6 label designs are needed for a new (slim retractable) permanent marker art line and a new slim retractable highlighter art line. Additionally a packaging imprint design is needed for a pencil case (see pictures).

Final hand in date for designs: January 25th, 2009 (Digital files preferred!)

Price for Awarded Design(s)

Artist: 1000 € per design: To include a permanent marker and/or highlighter label and a pencil case label

Organisation: 500€ (per design) in edding products (products of organisations choice)

The Products: Slim Retractable Marker and Highlighter

  • Retractable Permanent Marker(4 colours of ink planed: black, dark blue, red, green)
  • Retractable Highlighter(4 colours of ink planed: yellow, green, orange, light blue)

Here are the PDF’s…Thanks to Very Nearly Almost magazine for the links! :)



and here is the brief in full…


Get to it!

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