Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reebok x Monorex - Santa's Grotto!

Monorex were asked to play Santa this year by Reebok - The brief was to paint 80 pairs of Reebok Freestyle HI in Secret Wars Black and White....Each pair treated as a complete freestyle, using edding pens and spray!

We commissioned 5 of our UK artists (Disco, Alfa, Mr K, Stika & Jimi Crayon) - Each artist had to paint 16 pairs each.

Once completed these cool kicks will be shipped individually around the globe to Reebok top friends and family....Listen out for the doorbell as it might be you!

Tools used:
  • Edding 750
  • Edding 751
  • Edding 780
  • Molotow Belton - Deep Black
Some of the end results....Enjoi!

Jimi Crayon



Mr K

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Anonymous said...

why does the text say "ROYAL FLUSH", when its four of a kind (aces) on the trainer???