Thursday, June 26, 2008


Monorex x Secret Wars x Reebok linked once again on a follow on project - inviting another 8 fresh artists to come and battle on one of the biggest stages in recent history!!

Rather than last time where we dropped a singles European championship - this time round we decided to celebrate what both brands achieved last time, dropping new experimental battle concepts (Tag team, Royale Rumble and Female vs. Male)....

The artwork produced was once again first class and attracted a majority crowd for the 3 days - Alongside this Reebok were giving away 100 golden tickets, in which the lucky person could exchange for a pair of custom kicks....

Reebok x Secret Wars did not stop there! The boys from Everyone added the final piece to an already colourful jigsaw, A WHITE 80'S ICE CREAM VAN!! In which our boys were invited to paint in the SW mono colourway....While this was going on the Reebok girls were giving out 20,000 custom ice pops!

The concept space again killed off all competition and was easily the talk of the town....

Watch this space for more exciting collaborations between the two brands!

The teamtalk

T (Monorex x Secret Wars) & Avue (Daydream)

Teck starting off the van

Reeps performed on top of the van and killed it!

Mr K & Conzo dropping some tag team action

Mr K & Alfa off to the GAY circus...

Martyn rocking it out!

T and Conzo @ the Vice party

Jimi adding the paisley touch

Alfa with one of his 30 pairs of custom kicks

Jimi Crayon

Teck and Jimi

The ever growing crowds

Session inside the ice cream van dropping some sick tunes!


Alife x Reebok


The sweatshop...

Reebok on the comic vibes

The van before we started..

Teck - Horror show

Team dinner

Mr K still holding his glass of wine (while asleep)

Free ice pop anyone?

Pete Fowler, Owen P, I and T from Monorex

Photos by Sam Dormer & Monorex


Daniel said...

Secret Wars Scandinavia is on site and can report the following:
it's hot
and warm
and sunny

Andrew Pearce said...


Is there a regular photographer for this page? Is it Monorex?

I am after two of the images for a Secret Wars project.

Please contact me at if you can help.



Erik said...

good stuff but why am I erics and not code 26 ;

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