Wednesday, March 26, 2008

newso takes the brum series 1 crown

hello secret wars fans
excuse my slighty delayed delivery on this here report
we had one hell of a session, its taken me a while to come back to earth ;)

we wanted to go big, and we did..
the rainbow warehouse is THE best venue in brum, a big up to ad and lee from the 'bow and i must also mention that my partner in art crime, mr slobodan (the man that can) did fine work holding together the monster we had created, you the don slobz!

newso v's kungfo
the boys were front page news in the birmingham post, in the days running up to the final and we're both feeling the pressure, and as loads of people rolled in, i could feel their itchyness to begin.. evolucian and the livestock crew kicked off the sounds in the main room with a comedy hip hop set, nice 1 gents! and as they finished we kicked the battle off.. the crowd surrounded the massive 3 panel "plinth" and they artists had 2hrs to do their thing. the beauty of the "plinth" is each artist can't see the opponents panel, unless they go for a look.. made it interesting indeed!

see what i'm saying?
kungfo on the left, newso on the right..

so, as the battle began a frenzy of hip hopwas going off in the main room as dj skunkboy and heartless p had a session on the 1+2's... and the crowd grew and crew, check the main room..

and out the back we had an ice cream van, with a system.. and it was going off!
(inside the ice cream vans marquee)

the actual van (waylin and adamn noize inside..)

the party raged along and as the guardians set came to an end, dan dna annnounced 1o mins left. the crowd hyped for the vote circled the "plinth" for a final view of each side. these are pretty much final pics from that time..
(last 20 mins or so..)



kungfo was on his usual freestyle madness with cats and odd stuff involved, a truly lovely piece of work, but it lacked a battle element. however newso's trademark gorilla was in control of a set of missiles which in a comic book set of boxes ended up blasting the hell out of kungfo's cats. the big gorilla was smashing in the lilttle felines... but how would the vote go down? as you all know, a final is anyones...

so, judges from the defdfires and the guardians (both artists from the 2 crews and completely impartial) called it. both artists got a vote, the crowd was live-o and the we did the crowd vote. uncannily, both of them got exactly 100.4 on the decibel reader on the first shout.. the crowd went even more insane?! and we had to do it again.. this time kungo got 102.2 and newso squeezed in with 103
what are the chances?!!

as i announced the winner the crowd already knew newso had took it and we're going mad. a true hype finish to a true classic secret wars final...

birmingham we thank you for showing out and making it happen, big up.

the mighty defdfires crew then destroyed the venue with a final boomin set, the ice cream van kept rocking and everyone drank the place dry.. thats how we do in big bad burnin'em

congrats to the man newso and unlucky to the man kungfo!

series 2 comes..
if you want in, email us 10 images of your work and a brief biog to if your interested in playing at a round, email (seeds)

here's a few more flicks..

dan from 2pence, evolucian and seeds

goonism and jamfree in the chill out room

eva lazarus (legend) takes a pic of newso's side

the rainbow warehouse IS the best venue in th world, ever. ever.

dj skunkboys view from the stage

n4t4 in the chill out room.. watch out he may well be entering series 2!!
(excuse the dark pic)

kungo at work

newso at work, can you spot el tel in the background? lol

more pics on the secret wars myspace
(and we got loads more to upload, thanks to waylin for the ones above!)

gotta big up - el tel (and his lovely lass), slobodan the don, all the artists, kungfo, newso, phill blake, n4t4, jamfree, goonism, 2pence.. everyone who gave us hand, the cloak room girls, the bar staff, my man carlos and the bouncers, the rainbow crew, didi and waylin, adamn noise, eva and all crew, nerdlinger and zeit, skunkboy, the gaurdians fam, livestock, defdfires... anyone i forgot!

get ready for series 2
go bigger or go "back a yard"!

rock on

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