Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monorex in Bristol!

Not been on the blogger for a while as we have been out and about - working for Vauxhall tribes and masterminding the Secret Wars empire.....

But last weekend we went on a road trip to Bristol and split ourselves in 2, one half going to the tribes event @ Lakota, and the other off to Bloom festival.

Both projects went really well - meeting more new artists along the way (Phil Blake and the LML crew + Space and Level)....

Debug had a little bit of a nightmare with finding a wall to paint at Bloom as the organisers had forgot to construct one.....:( But after chatting to a couple of peeps we were offered a mobile wall courtesy of the LML crew (from Coventry)...Thanks Guys!

Thanks to everyone who came along on the trips and a big up to Maria @ Vauxhall tribes


Walls by 45RPM and his crew!

Vauxhall Tribes @ Lakota - Space

Alfa @ Vauxhall tribes

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